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Misplaced A-Bombs, Strippers, and Two-Headed Fish

     I should not write after I have just woken up.  It makes finding the actual mood I am in, or will soon be so, very difficult and actually misleading.  Also, they need a bigger spot for the current music.  What am I to do if my computer starts to play, "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Groovin with a Pict"? Yeah right, like that is going to fit in that small space.  Or how about the fact the actual current song now should have added, "modified with Breath reprise following Time; t4 by Madd Martin"? Yeah, I can add one whole letter to it, and that is it.  Oh well... no loss of blood here, just brain cells.

     So yesterday was odd.  Not use to working.  Also, I had the worst calls ever, and a new record for long call, 50 minutes and some seconds.  Of course, once again, repair is the bad guy, despite the fact YOUR STUPID SERVICE ORDER WAS NOT EVEN EVER STARTED AND HOW CAN YOU REPAIR SOMETHING THAT IS NOT EVEN MADE YET!!  Damnit Kim, you can bill Qwest for all your stupid time you want.  I am going to bill you for wasting my time, and having me on hold when I had real people to serve.  Yesterday should have been a horrible day.  I should have been in a bad mood, however, I was neither.  Listening to nothing but people bitch how they think the phone is the most important thing in their life, more so than their actual life, because how else are they going to get thier frustration out except my yelling at someone they cannot see face to face?  Yeah, Des Moines Iowa, baby, you come get a piece of this.  Face to face any one of these customers would barely be able to talk to me with any raised voice.  But no matter, I know where each and every one lives, have their number, even social security number, and I love to travel, mwahaha!!  Maybe it was the time after that made the day seem to fade away.

     Back over to Jenny and dITZ place.  This one was a little more unannounced, and that was good, because it made my welcome seem more wanted, and after all the crap I went through at work, it was a much wanted feeling.  So, up with the N64, and in with the greatest of all fighting games, Super Smash Brothers (SSB). As always, my ultimate nemesis, Mario, would be the butt of my frustration.  I even screamed at him before starting how that evil icon of all that is pure evil was going to represent all those nasty customers I had.  So I pick good old reliable Link, dITZ takes the form of the ultimate puff ball, Kirby, and we challenge Mario and his other icon of evil, Gigglypuff, to battle.  I was even more pleased that even though it was set to a random level, that Hyrule Castle would be the battle grounds.  Something about that music really massages my brain and makes me feel well.  Of course, my ability to manipulate space at that time was excellerated more so than usual.  We won each and ever battle.  It was expected, all that hostility to release, and also realizing I was facing Retardio.  The skill with the home run bat was unreal.  I was smashing them left and right off the battle field.  Mario is the closest thing I have to something to hate.  Haha... some find that odd that I could do so with a "being" that does not truly exist, however, he does exist.  He is a reflextion of the company he serves.  He is what they are.  I remember, way back when, that statement they were sending out to parents, "We would NEVER have any video game that has violence, sex related, drugs, blah blah lies blah blah."  Yeah, this was some time around Mortal Kombat II when the Genesis had the nice cheat code for blood, and the SNES has "sweat" come out.  Grr... lies in its many infinate forms.  Yeah, I am no poster child for purity, I realize, but some parents really do care about what their family gets a hold of, and Nintendo did nothing more than feed a huge large lie.  Go Sony Playstation!  Ha ha, even that has a large story behind it, one that makes me feel vindicated.  Maybe some day if a... whoa... where did I go?  Mwahaha!!  Wow, I am almost in tears, that felt wonderful.  Computer, play it again!  Pleeeeeeeeeease?  That so rocked, I almost left my body and travelled back in time. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D: :D: :D :D :D :D D:D :D :D D: D: D: D: D:D D: D: D: D: D: D:D :D D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Hahaha!!  Video game music... ah yes, a definate weakness, but such a great feeling one.  When I was back in the Land Yeast and Cheese™, Stingray and I went through these Life Force levels and made out tabs on his guitare.  He gets into this music almost as much as I do.  Well... the hour change is upon us.  I actually feel very enraptured.  Work should be rather easy as I go from 0230p to 1100p.  Half of the customers think we are not open, the other 3/4 have this strange euphoric buzz on them in lieu of the "holiday spirit".  So it will be slow, and the customers should be content, even though their embilical cord to life is severed.  Well... maybe not the people who are having problems with long distant service, haha, those seem to ... ah... whoa... here we go again... oh man... this feels better than sex.  I can even do it while my eyes are closed.  That makes it feel even more wild and wonderful.  I gope I am actually rtoing words :D

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