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Voorhees for Kids! - JOHD

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Mar 13th, 2009

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18:21 - Voorhees for Kids!
Voorhees for Kids

For some time now, in some way or another, I have been infamous for something: my beautiful hair. I have heard numerous comments from strangers, family, friends, loved ones about my hair. I think it is the one thing I "do right". I quote that because the fact is, I really do very little to it. God simply has well endowed me. Oh, and He gave me great hair also ;)

I remember the last time I saw the Australian Floyd Show, some random chick came up to me and wanted me to head bang. She also wanted to play with my hair and talk about it a bit. Her boyfriend did not seem amused at the time, but I think by the look of how almost in his pants she was by the end of the night, that he forgave me (in fact, he possibly might owe me).

For some odd reason for the last two+ weeks or so, the comments about my hair have increased, like, exponentially. While I have always had comments here and there, these comments have been slightly longer and more in depth than simply "love your hair".

Well, as anyone knows, Friday the 13th is my special day of celebration, and AS I NOTED ON MY WEBSITE, besides that point, it also sticks out in society as the exact opposite. So, for a little while now, I thought to myself, what better way to spread my love and the actual good fortune of this day than to help out someone less fortunate than myself with what I not only take for granted, but am massively blessed with. Hey, no, hair, mind out of gutter please.

Now, some will ask, and some already have, the reason I did it. As with almost every aspect of my life, there was no one deciding factor for my choice. However, the top on the list is helping out some special child in search of hair, and let's face it, I do not have to be an ego nut to think my hair is some of the best around. It is simply a fact. It is thick, it is not damaged, and there is a lot of it. So while this was the top on the list, there were a few things, obviously, that helped come to this decision. It takes a long time for me to get ready. Doing my hair, drying it, then combing it is the most difficult part of my day. If I had "no hair", the time it took me to get ready would be cut down by half. This includes not running to work naked (i.e. getting dressed) as well as getting little Boogers ready for wherever. Plus, as much as I love my hair, I really do not like eating it.

So my first choice was to look for the infamous Locks of Love. The one thing I found out about them in doing on-line research, is that unfortunately the hair selected is given to specific types of kids. While I could look it up quick, so can everyone else reading, so, I will spare the details. So, in one review the guy said something about WIGS FOR KIDS, an organization I had not ever heard of before. I went to the site, and found there was an Ankeny location for a salon called ENVY SALON that would actually do my hair for free and process it for me. Just what the procrastinator wanted to hear!

So anyway, I got there, and the place was just wonderful. The ladies there were extremely nice (some of them I believe do not even work there). I ended up with a nice lady named Jessica. What I really liked, was how much attention they gave my hair. I mean, for as humble a human I am, I sure did eat it up and enjoy it. It was extremely cool how into capturing the moment they were as well. I had my camera with me (as noted with the link to the pictures on top), and the ladies were more than happy to take a bunch of pictures. They suggested a few shots as well, and I am happy for that, as they turned out well.

It was really nice having my hair worked. My word I so miss it. When Jessica was running her hands through my hair, it brought back a lot of memories, including a few I think I made up, hEhEhE!! I was reminded of childhood, when my aunt Beck (happy birthday today!!) use to cut my hair all the time. I also thought of how much I miss having my hair played with. There is something about super long hair that generally gets it not played with.

So that is my story and I am sticking to it. Oh yeah, the hair cut itself was free. In Reality, I did not have to pay a cent to do anything, including postage. However, despite that fact, I still tipped. It was funny as Jessica talked about making change, in which I stated for her to keep it. While I did not think of it at the time, should Jessica some how manage to come across this, simply keep this in mind:

In a little over five years, I have had one hair cut, a minor trim at some point my hair was already rather long. So I have "saved up" a lot of money for not ever having my hair cut in the first place :)

Oh, and on a closing note for those tickled by trivial things, one of the FIRST things I did when I got in my car was put on my headset for my phone. When I went to put it on, I took my left hand and reached around the back of my neck to "move my hair" so I could put my headset on :D Old habits break hard, I guess. I have about three+ years of habit to break.

So happy birthday, Aunt Becky! Happy Friday the 13th to everyone, and a special thanks to Envy Salon and my hair stylist Jessica for a great job!
Current Location: 2732 SE Delaware Ave Suite #280 Ankeny, IA 50021
Current Mood: happyhappy

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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 14th, 2009 20:26 (UTC)
thanks and thanks again :) Yeah, it has been a while, and I started to grow long hair the same reason I ended up going with facial hair, and that is being lazy. Some times, being lazy can turn into something.
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 14th, 2009 03:28 (UTC)
not to start anything, but I do have a friend (good friend) that knows kids that have recieved wigs from love for locks, which is the reason I chose them.

Congrats on getting your hair done!! It's gotten SO long!!

Does your head feel lighter too? when I got my chopped it did, and I missed doing things like moving hair for routine things (like your headset).

Are you going to grow it out again?
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 14th, 2009 20:28 (UTC)
Nothing started. I am glad that they are around to give kids hair, I just think it is wrong that they exclude kids who could use it because "they are not properly diseased", that is all.

Thank you, yeah, it was super long. I certainly was thinking about that as I was driving up to Ankeny.

No, not really. The only massive difference is the shower, and another reason that I am happy I got it chopped, as it makes taking a shower so much more easy.

Most likely I will.
[User Picture]
Date:Mar 18th, 2009 14:55 (UTC)
Thanks so much for sharing this! I have donated to Locks of Love - and I agree w/your concerns as I've had some myself. Both LM (9yo boy) and myself are growing our hair currently to donate again. I will definitely keep this place in mind! I'm currently at nearly 9 inches and LM is at about 7 - so we have a ways to go. And I'm really ready for a shorter haircut!!

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