Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Theresa - step R.I.P... when?

Millions of years ago, or maybe more close to when I was 14 or so, I acquired additions to my family known as step-family. The now decommissioned term I used back then was "step-monster". Keep in mind, the reason beyond that is a long story in itself, and I have little time with the whole working thing going on in the background.

So, yesterday, I find out from a TXT from my little sister that Theresa is dead, and has been so for about... two years or so. I took from her TXT that "the family" was finding out, as of yesterday. I thought that... strange, but not as strange as how she apparently died. She died in a hospital, of natural causes. She was about a year or so younger than me, which would have made her around 31 or so when she died. How one dies of natural causes at 31 is well beyond me. Hopefully, some additional information will find its way to my family to clear this up.

There is much I could, and most likely will eventually say regarding Theresa. At this point, I will simply note, that people telling me they are sorry to hear about what happened need not tell me they are sorry or feel bad for me or the like. I had not heard about-from her since I was about 18 or 19 or so. I guess a long time away from someone can affect how I feel.

Because I am human and a member of my family has passed away, I am said to be sad, however, I am not. So if anything, maybe instead of telling me you are sorry to hear that she passed away, you can tell me I am a cold and heartless bastard instead. I have many theories on this, again, way too long to cover in the short time I have here at work.

If anything, if you know my mom, tell her, as I imagine out of everyone (minus maybe her brother Chad, her mom, or her dad) she most likely would be impacted the most. Oh, wait, I think she had kids. I really honestly do not know how that all worked out. Well, if she had kids and they are still around, then maybe they are impacted the most.

So, hopefully God is taking good care of you. God give strength to my mom and Denny, my sister and Chad. While He is at it, tell her I am sorry for the way I treated her back in the day. Also, if You would be so kind to apologize for some of my actions. I would say I guess she is in better hands now, but as noted, saying "now" would appear to be a poor choice of words since this is "old news". Seriously, I am confused, how does someone go of natural causes so young? How does information like this take like two years to pass on?
Tags: death, step-family, theresa

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