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Well, I thank the "hot sexy momma" who poked me :D

Hmm, so much going on I almost cannot keep my head on straight. Well, a long time ago (only a few actual entries) I made reference to my new ability to keep up to-date and track things better with this new system I was going to go with. Unfortunately, barely any time went by from that point that I ended up getting the squeeze from work with the re-initiated procedure of "no anything" on the floor. So, this would mean that the hopes and desires of said adventure would be no more, or at least for the time being, or at least now, or whatever.

Attempting to keep updated at home is bleak to pointless, or at least it feels that way. The reason I am not able to keep email and the like up to date is well beyond my current understanding. I do know that I have been extremely distracted of late with my website, something I have given high priority to lately. See, the way I want my website to work, well, it is not working in all systems. It currently works for Firefox and Opera (well, a guess since I found this out by checking on my Wii, so not sure if it is the same on a desktop), and that is about it. Anyone curious as to the look I am going for can visit even though, note that if you are using anything other than Firefox 2, that I have no clue what will happen when you visit.

The tech aspect: Well, side tracking a little bit from the original post, one of the problems is that the code is not validated correctly. When I do validate the code correctly, then the iframe part of the site has a messed up height. Doing some troubleshooting with a tech support forum, it would appear that the way to be validated and have it work the way I want, I would have to use more complex coding, so, that is where I am at now. However, further testing with valid code shows IE rendering my page extremely wrong. The biggest point of doing this validation is for the purpose of making my way up in the page ranks, so that I hopefully get more traffic since I get absolutely nil traffic at this time. Some who are smart and observant (via website worlds) would comment, “Um, Madd, you have no ads on your site, something you might be proud of, but that means that you get absolutely no money for people visiting, and in fact, means if you get a lot of traffic that it could cause problems with your service, so, why care?” To anyone who would think that would be thinking a most excellent question, as I have wondered it myself. The best answer I can give is the self promotion of a possible community of which I have some control over. The problem with a place like myspace (well, bad example as there are about 900+ some problems with myspace, another story all in itself) is that I really have no control over how it works. I have no control over the actual content expect what is on my own personal page. Now, with my website, when something cool is around, I have control on whether that becomes a part of my site (of which I am sure it will break down and I will pull hair out attempting to fix it). Also, I think it helps to think of this fact. If I had to choose being rich beyond rich, or simply famous, I would pick famous. Maybe it has something to do with the whole reason we have kids. If you die rich, what is the point of being rich you cannot take it with you. If you die famous, then there is the possibility that your existence is remembered forever and a year. It is almost like your life has meaning beyond the end of it. Of course, I could possibly be digging deep on that, as it is only speculation as to what I would really care in having people visit and interact with my site.

Anyway, that is well off base from what I was talking about, which a few hours later, I really do not remember what I was talking about. I stated my point that my attempts to keep updated with others has failed (as if my lack of interaction was not already a good indication to others). Now, some people take it personally (and frankly, I feel those people selfish who do), so maybe this is that friendly reminder I give to many that it impacts everyone I know, not just any one given human or thing. Oh, yeah, I guess I do remember one thing I was going to get into. I hope to write yet again, closer to what I wanted to, and originally intended to. Now, before I can do that, there are a few entries that I am to get out in the open, a few of which I am not looking forward to because it means I am going to be opening up wounds that have already healed. Still, in order for me to go forward, I feel obligated to myself to venture some in the past. So, it is time to get the ball rolling… or at least, the paper.
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