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Dream Girl - JOHD

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Sep 21st, 2001

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15:15 - Dream Girl
     I have not much time, JOHD.  I wanted to tell you about my dream, since it is too mixed up to actually record down.  I remember that one part of it was like Resident Evil.  I was with two other guys, and they had this crazy way to get more ammo.  They would shoot each other in the head, and some how, that gave them more bullets.  Then I remember all these monsters and what have you were chasing me.  I ran into a room, and was attempting to keep it shut, but some girl zombie (looked human, but her face had marks on it) came into the door and was talking to me.  She was flirting with me, and I was asking her questions like if I had seen her before.  She asked me if I ever played a game called Duke Nuk'em 3D, and I laughted and told her that I was more into Doom II or what have you.  The fact I was being chased to confront one of them suggests that maybe I have "girl" issues.  I will think about it more when I get back to work.  Work calls.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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