Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

AvP... er IVP - Whoever wins, Madd pees

Well, I went in for my early morning doctor visit. The name of the procedure is called an IVP, or Intravenous Pyelogram. Basically, they fill me with special chemicals so I light up under x-ray, fill up my bladder, then have me empty it and take more pictures to see what they can see. This procedure took a little over an hour to do.

As always, the nurse who gave me the IV was in love with my veins. You want to see a chick get hot and bothered instantly, then you watch a nurse look at my veins... and I don't mean the "main vein" ;)

Afterwards, I opt-out of seeing Jarin in favor of Perkins. Sorry boy, but damn I was wanting food like no one's business. It was so good I was not able to eat it all, so I had something to take to work.

Oh, as for the test results, I was not told to stay home or go to the ER, so everything must initially look well. Of course, they are not *really* looking for what I want them to look at, as I want Doctor Kenneth Noisewater checked out. Eh... let them do their thing, I suppose.

So, at some point later today, I was able to fart and not freak out about it. My first test was done in the bathroom, as otherwise the "farting is prohibited" sign was turned on as the CoM was in effect. The great news, I only managed to "unclean" four things of underwear, not bad considering I did not crap myself while sleeping, and only barely the first time the stuff kicked in. Um... I seriously think someone should work on the warning on the bottle. "May cause diarrhea" should be changed to "will piss out of your ass at least 9 times" and a warning "farts may not actually be farts" should be printed in BIG LETTERS for those of us at work who think we are doing to break wind, just to find someone broke a dam.

So, my next scheduled appointment is on 4-23, and this time, I have no crazy prepping to do, so that makes me happy.
Tags: medical

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