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Royaly Flushed a red Three of a Kind

Wow, who knew that bowel movements could consist of three different poker terms, how cool.

Since some time around Feb 8th, I had noticed some blood in my sperm. Now, way back when, I talked about blood in my sperm for the first time. It was a freaky time, at the time, that prompted a trip to the doctor, as well as research on the internet (unfortunately, despite the best efforts of Jen and myself, this entry appears hidden from the world now). Well, it turns out this condition is known as hematospermia. As noted by many, "blood in the semen may be caused by inflammation of the seminal vesicles, and will usually go away on its own. Often, the cause cannot be determined..." Sure enough, the time it happened, it did go away. Now, unless I mis-documented something, or had another time I missed, I thought the time frame was 070819. Well, logic tells me I did, as I thought when I talked about it, I did not even know Jen. However, due to my memory-time-line issue, I realize I could be off by a few years, easily. So, I will state that I did not personally document it, oh well, eh? Move forward, or something.

So anyway, back to the blood. It had been rather consistent from when Feb 8th rolled around. Now, my discovery of this was "less than usual" due to me checking less than usual (aye, masturbation reference, hence the PG13 rating of this journal, haha). Well, about a week or so ago I notice that my sperm no longer looked like sperm. It looked like... well... no bright red, no pretty colours, just a dark "probably dead for a long time" thing. Fact is, a few times, I was under the impression that my right testicle was most likely dead. I would counter this with the logic that, in the process of dying, a testicle would most likely present itself with a lot of pain. A few times, I swore my testicle was "missing". Yeah, my imagination can get the best of me at times. So besides the blood thing, the only other thing I had noticed was a discomfort in my right testicle (hence the reason I thought it was having the problem).

Well, Friday as I was having a bowel movement (oh come on! I use to talk about every time I pooped, so stop squirming over there, hehehe). I had notice that there was a dark blood looking thing coming out from my urine. That was the big motivating straw of my otherwise extreme procrastination of calling in a doctor visit.


The 3rd party LJ search sucks! Sure enough, my girlfriend was able to track down the entries in question. To read back in the past about them, just check out the tag for hematospermia and they will show.


So I went in same day (Friday [080411.5x]) after a nurse call back, and the good Dr checked around, including an exam of my testicles that reveled that right seemed a little enlarged, so I was set up for two visits. One is for Monday [080414.1x] where I get a colon job the day before, and the other is Wednesday [080423.3x].

Well, the fun starts in that yesterday I was on a "low fiber" diet, and today, I get a liquid diet, and I get to down three bottles of Citrate of Magnesia. The kind I have is cherry. It takes exactly like cherry liquid Jolly Ranchers, only sour, and bubbly. Well, attempting to chug is not easy, by any means. The fact I have not eaten anything today, and last ate yesterday around 1200 or so does not make my body happy. This is all for a test I get to take tomorrow at 0930. Fun for Madd. So, I thought I would post and let everyone know what is going on. It appears that this time I will not have Moonbeam to reply to me telling me how I should not wait so long for blood coming out of places :D hEhEhE...

Man I want a big, juicy, cheeseburger.
Tags: blood, hematospermia, jen, masturbation, medical, pain, procrastination

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