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All Your Qwest - JOHD

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Feb 22nd, 2008

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21:53 - All Your Qwest
There is something... wrong, about this day. I speculate it something about the increasing hostility I have towards a certain type of humans. I am not going to post details, because I really do not want to go into it, and while, I believe, no one will get the full just of this that made me actually laugh, I still want to share it, so when I go back some 5 years and stumble across it, I can laugh out lout, yet again (lout is a word, deal with it). Working jeopardy, closed out a MR, narrative for my close out notes writes: D0401 C310 NARR: all your base are belong to us @ 02-22-08 0450P.

hEhEhE!! *sigh* My night is just so much better now. :D

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[User Picture]
Date:Feb 23rd, 2008 08:57 (UTC)

ya know

The kind of business we work in is partly to blame for the disposition we develop towards certain types of people
[User Picture]
Date:Feb 26th, 2008 15:43 (UTC)

Re: ya know

but we are fully to blame for the responsibilities of the actions and thoughs that we live by

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