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Best Better Chat Thus Far!

Well, I have gone through a few, however now thanks to, I have a chat that is embedded in my website, myspace, and other various places on the web. It tracks conversations, so play nice, but that in itself is an excellent feature. While I cannot access this chat via work, I have found a way around it, for now, tee-hee! You should be able to find me there most of my work shift, even though, do not expect me to always be extremely chatty. The nice thing about it, is even though you benefit from signing up with, it is not required. Also, if you paste a link to something of media content (mp3, .wav, picture, movie, youtube, etc) it will actually use the built in media player to play it for you, so everyone can enjoy it. So check it out!

A note on meebo, it is a web based service that allows me to access all my IM services via the web (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, google talk, and meebo itself), and there is nothing I have to install to do so. If you are at work and have filters for things like myspace and web based email, it might not work for you, however, it is what I use now to chat. So anyone on an IM service can easily chat with me, unlike before when it was so difficult for me to chat. It has built in sound, and even stores chat conversations, how cool is that? Also, like the chat service I use, it is NOT required to sign up for the service. I am curious if there are any other meebo users out there. So, if anything, stop by There are less ads on there than AIM or Yahoo chats! How do these people do it?!? So stop by and at least check it out, I am sure as crap happy I did!

(as a side note, for Firefox users, there is a wonderful extention that informs you when people log on/off, send you message, and everything else, all while you are browsing, so if you use meebo, and want the extention, go here: )

My name is Madd Martin L Kroeger, and I approve this message!
Tags: chat, im, meebo, web site

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