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MWF - Forum error prevents topic view/creation (cont) - JOHD

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Nov 16th, 2007

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23:18 - MWF - Forum error prevents topic view/creation (cont)
The trouble has been isolated and repaired. UNFORTUNATELY, any corrections or modifications to the board as of TODAY, Friday 16th, Novemember, 2007, are lost. When you go to the site, it shows that all these posts were made, however, when you click on them, they are not there (meaning it shows last post by Madd at 15:30 with one reply to topic, you open the topic and my post is not there). Going back to the main board will show the topic is still unread (since the message is hiding somewhere). I am going to attempt to go in and manually find these messages and restore them. If it is not possible, the board should be rolled back to the last backup, Fri November 16 2:41 Size: 11M.

I apologize for the trouble caused, especially since it appears Mair lost a few posts of her own. I shall post when the restore of the posts, or backup, is complete.
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