August 20th, 2014


Journal of...

Hello, JOHD. I remember when you were a small booklet type thing many years ago. I very well could have told you this once before, however I truly have no clue. I would be here for over a decade attempting to catch up to you, so I am going to just let you know... ah...

  • I have a kid, Jarin, who is now 7 and starting 2nd grade today (yeah, I know you know Jarin, I just wanted you to know I have not killed him yet).

  • I am single.

  • I started working out.

  • I got promoted to manager of now CenturyLink (I'll still tag it Qwest).

  • I have a 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid.

  • If I act absolutely professional and above business proper to someone who I know, then I no longer consider them a friend.

  • I am currently in debt due to taking care of multiple third parties.

  • It's raining outside.

  • I own non-Wal-Mart cookware.

  • I do not masturbate anywhere close as much as I use to (shh... don't tell anyone, JOHD).

  • My common reply to people who ask me how I am is, "I'm surviving" (and not a single human has picked up where I got that from yet).

  • I am currently totting a Samsung Galaxy 4, and still use my Moto Bionic for gaming and Jarin.

  • I own a Wii U.

  • Sparky's mom died Saturday.

  • I actively program in VBS.

  • I no longer have any living biological grandparents.

  • I probably have bed bugs.

  • I have people who live in my basement.

  • After chasing Baxter around on Oct 27th, I tripped on a hose and dislocated my pinky, permanently rendering it dislocated.

  • For the first time ever, I properly spelled permanently without spell check or looking it up... and I did it again.

  • My current song obsessions are Adder's Lair (Sonic All Star Racing Transformed) and Eternal Champions Perpetual Motion.

  • I broke my mower by running it with little/no oil in it.

  • I started my Planet Fitness workout routine 140818.1x.

  • I can actually tolerate beer other than Bud Light.

  • "Boobs" is not a tag; it is now.

  • I am going to slowly move to a non-processed food diet.

  • My procrastination is at an insane high.

  • I have not played FFXI for over a year (yet have been paying for service this entire time, meaning it might be time to take my Jew card away from me).

  • My new phone game obsession is Valkyrie Crusade.

  • My favorite chord is Am7b5.

  • Every time I spell "Valkyrie Crusade" I have to look up the word "Valkyrie" to ensure I properly spelled it.

  • I am an active Redditor.

  • "Bacon" is not a tag; it is now.

  • [140113.1x] I am a moderator of the 3rd largest NSFW subreddit (beaten only by gonewild and NSFW).

  • Robin Williams killed himself and Paul Walker died in a car wreck of all things.

  • I've officially renamed Facebook as "MyFace" (and have to remind myself to rename that tag appropriately).

  • My OCD is at an insane high.

  • I have plummeted in the art of taking care of myself at a level I don't even want to get into right now.

  • I still love boobs.

  • Mt Dew is going to slowly be eliminated from my diet (please don't let me read that).

  • I still love bacon.

  • I took my first company paid business trip a couple months ago.

  • I have had sex with a feminist.

  • Some of these tags bring up some interesting memories; some of these tags confuse the fuck out of me.

  • I search with bing... for the money (so I guess I get to keep my Jew card).

  • I have started welcoming death (irony when you see how much I am putting into making myself better).

  • I made an extremely important discovery about myself and depression and other things of that nature. I think I will end with my important discovery.

  • I stand corrected, the last thing I am leaving with is the fact I had to correct words I typed for consistency in order to maintain order with the OCD Demon™.

  • Hello there, Madd here again. The number of red squiggly lines I see due to "spelling errors" (i.e. the HTML coding) is close to putting me in a comma (yes, comma).

  • I absolutely am miserable when I am not myself. If there is anything in this world that impedes my ability to be myself, then I will not be happy. This is especially true in a relationship, and that does not even have to involve a sexual relationship. However, speaking of the sexual kind, I have found all of my recent exes have done just that; they did not allow me to truly be myself. It is that women attempting to change men thing. If I remember the saying right, "Men get into a relationship liking what they see and expecting it not to change. Women get in a relationship and and expect to change what they don't like." If that is not a saying, it certainly should be, as it's true from about every observation I have assimilated.

    So, it is important that I stay true to myself. If there ever comes a time where I would have to change to be around someone, then I would have to say they are someone I would just move away from. Other than that, I'm sorry for leaving you for so long, and I will hopefully talk to you soon... oh wait! I have been informed by the OCD Demon™ I am missing two things; first off all OCD infused humans MUST put lists in a bullet form. Please hold... processing... ahh, complete. I even finished tagging. That only took a decade. LMAO, dear fucking word I love reading old entries. This is the reason I must never stop doing this.

    On my final note, here it is, your moment of Zen...

    MyFace Messenger