November 3rd, 2011


No Heat, You Fix?

Hmm... so, space heater is dead. That goes well with the furnace being dead, because you know I have wanted a reason to put all this body fat I have been accumulating into good use. Plus, calls are crap today, either long, stupid, or in queue all day. Also, I ended up missing Jarin’s parent teacher phone conference, which oddly enough had nothing to do with my ex for once. Had a little issue with my girlfriend before work, which of course bothers me because I don’t like any sort of drama with my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend (not a facetious comment, I really do love her and we tend to resolve what few spats we have quickly). You know, I would chalk this day up as sucking, however, I think the ying/yang forces are at work. See, I not only get my kid today, I get him early enough that I can enjoy having him sing. He absolutely loves that, and I get sad when he asks, “Is that place having singing?” all the time when I have him on weekends and the like. Watching Jarin sing like he does in front of a few people puts this huge tickle in me. Many times I would not have time on Thursdays when I would have him, since I would not get out of work until BFE time. So the Jarin exchange without my presence went okay, and I get him a day early.

So, because I am getting this great wonderful thing happening later today, obviously, I have to have a bunch of garbage happen before hand. This is how this works, right? Okay, that means the rest of the night goes awesome... right? RIGHT?