October 30th, 2011


Animal Romance

Um... I am not really sure the reason, however when I was looking over the google web tools, and saw search queries, "animal romance" had 170 impressions, with <10 clicks. There is also an animalromance with 50 impressions and <10 clicks.

So, well, I really am confused as to how this search query is landing people towards my site. I mean, you can love your animals, but don't... loooove your animals, especially on my website.

I also found that "madd74" is the most significant keyword for my site. Wow, really, no shit? Where to next, Captain Obvious.

Wow, I have a lot of 404 errors. It appears there are about 475 of them. I think this came from the time my site was attacked, specifically, the guestbook phishing scam that hit my site. That is what I get for using code that I do not write, however, I truly and really did enjoy that guestbook. What is really strange, is that my 404 errors seem to be linked from a page that I do not even have. How in the world can I be hit for something that does not exist? Is the web being constructed by my bank and mortgage company?

I think these are fun things I could research while snuggled up next to my smoking hot and sexy girlfriend (while I listen to her tell me how I don't love her repeatedly). That reminds me how I want to fix up my forum, maybe even figure out how to connect it to Facebook, so that I can get some people to give me website love. I could give a prize for something... I am sure I have some things in my house I can give away that is worth money.


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