December 1st, 2010


Enter Karma

So, Jarin helped me put up the Christmas lights. I most likely would not do anything of the sort if I was single, but the spirit of Christmas for my boy is strong, I know how much he loves it, and I certainly want to make it tradition for him.

Jen came to pick him up. She brought me a lint roller. The lint roller is for the dog hair that is covered all over in my car. She expects me to clean up after her dog. As I already am unhappy with how things are situated with me kid, this certainly angers me a lot. Jen thinks I should continue to clean up after her shit. It is just more of her usual control. She once mentioned how things between her and I went for the worse and were not going to be better. It is because she is a selfish controlling human, and it angers me to no end that I still have to put up with it even after kicking her out of my house.

Her excuse is that she cannot keep Jarin off the dog. Sorry, first off, I had a pet, and when I did I had cat hair all over the place. I had cat hair up in my dishes. Pet hair gets everywhere, even if you never touched an animal. Also, sorry that you don't have the ability to control your kid when he is with you, that is not my problem, and I should not be wasting MY time cleaning up after you. For once in your life, take responsibility instead of passing on to someone else. Passing it on to a 3 year old? Classic. This was the basis for our relationship and why it was doomed to fail. I am not spending the rest of my life with someone who cannot take responsibility for hardly anything in life, and has to have everything her way.

It adds to the fact all the shit around here *I* have had to clean up that was not even mine. But the argument I get was that she never felt like she lived here, so why would she have to pick up for herself? Don;t mind the fact she lived here comfortably, watched plenty of TV she did not pay for, and certainly used lots of Internet. For someone who claimed she felt unwelcome here, she sure took all of the positive aspects of it to her best abilities. Must have been nice to use me and my place of living, without paying rent, with months of planning to go live somewhere else taking my kid with her, and not even having the damn decency of telling me that it was going to happen. I had to figure it out on my own.

I continue to strive in my best abilities to accommodate for the masses. I take care of my messes and mistakes, and go out of my way, such as driving in an ice storm even though I have a life of my own to live. I have to do it by myself, with no hep from anyone, since for the time being I live alone, and can't have someone help me with laundry, or clean up the mess in my house.

It would be really simple to just up and take care of a mess that is only happening because of a situation created by her, so with that, and the fact I was taken advantage of when she lived in my house, as well as used, broken words to the point of almost being a lie, may karma find a happy home in your life.

I ask for so little of people. Take responsibility for what is yours, and when you wrong me, correct it and apologize. I am unsure the reason this is such a hard concept for some people. I am absolutely one of the most easy people to get along with, unless you are controlling, think the world revolves around you, or are generally an evil person who would do harm. Some people just... "have" to hurt children. Those people will be on my shit list. Anyone harm my child, for example, could find a lead pipe lodged in their skull.

Oh, I am sure what I am posting will be considered oh so wrong of me. Consider this payment for making me waste my damn time when I have other things to do to go clean my fucking car that someone else other than my son helped make.