November 27th, 2010


No, not Yet

"I cracked my penis, that's a funny joke" Um, no Jarin, it is not. This conversation brought to you by me talking about cracking my neck.

Speaking of Jarin, he got his first driving lesson today (unless Jen and her guy beat me to it without my knowledge). I can say this much, if he actually was driving by himself, I would say staring out of the driver's side window most likely would have lead to something bad. Of course, I am not sure how much bad one can do going 5 MPH in a parking drive away from all cars. Then again, Jarin would find a way.

Oh yeah, yesterday after groceries, Jarin tells me that he is going to fart on me. It is not that I do not believe he is capable, I mean he had like 4 helpings of baked beans on Thanksgiving, it is just that, well... strange comment. However, as I am putting them away, he walks up to me, turns around, puts his butt on my leg, and lets one rip. He immediately follows this with laughter.

So, the paternity test I was going to have done, I decided to cancel. Yep, he is my kid...