November 20th, 2010


Jack Christ Guy

Calm should not be associated with sleeping. Whatever. Well, I have had a good run of FFXI fun. I would say that my love for it is getting stronger. FFXIV, well, I enjoy it, I would not say I love it, however.

Today was a decent day. I feel a storm coming on with one of my friends. I am about ready to truly and totally and surely kick her to the curb, for good, this time. This stupid ass drama crap is getting damn fucking ridiculous. Maybe if I was dating you (or ever did) or something would be one thing, but my word, my own GIRLFRIEND gives me more space! I would not even mind more if my girlfriend was like, "Yo Madd, have not heard from you in a while, what is going on!" Yeah that is cool. I really do not even mind when other people would ask things either. However, when you get pissy with me because you are not hearing from me when I have already been through this, well, then you are in piss Madd off land. Take a number and wait in line.

Seems that my father is confused as to how Jarin got here. I do not mean the birds and bees aspect of it. It makes me think that many people might be confused as to how Jarin got here. I was talking about Nicole to my dad who gives his usual fatherly advise. It was then brought to my attention he felt that I totally planned and wanted to have kids with my ex. No, it did not plan that way. What it was not, was me getting stone drunk, meeting some random chick in a bar and finding out a few weeks later she was knocked up. I think it came from my first call that he was a grandfather. "So is this a bad or a good thing," well my reply was good, for the reason stated, and I thought that maybe something could be had from the situation, since both Jen and I wanted to have kids for some time prior to even meeting. Yeah, I would have rather waited to really better get to know her, and for the obvious reasons, it is no where what it should have been, however, any way I look at it, Jen and I came out with an extremely wonderful gift from... what I will just call not being careful and being slightly lazy. As noted, better than being dead stupid drunk. I will save all of the other finer details of this for another day... or something like that. So for the record, no, Jarin was not planned, he was a surprise. He was not, however, a mistake. I know that I was getting rather... stupid in general, and not just in regards to my ex. I certainly was beyond shocked when I got the information. I was just... hoping, at the time, that maybe... well, no, I don't want to go there, not right now. Next...

So technology is continuing to fail me at epic rates. Oh thank goodness, I was getting concnered there. I mean, I thought maybe I bought a piece of shit, and the damn thing worked as advertised. Thank goodness THAT got rectified quick. I am liking Dr 10 more and more. I just am, there is something about the 5th season of Dr Who that I simply am not able to quite place my finger on. I know I enjoy the opening music to seasons 1-4 way better than 5th. I mean, the 5th is not bad at all, however the power behind the first 4 is great, not to mention the times you get to hear the middle eight restored. Yeah, ask Stingray to jam you up some middle eight, I find it to be very mind tingling. There still seems to be something strange with the way it all looks also. I still enjoy 5, so, I guess I should be happy it is still on, and that we are getting treated here soon with the Christmas special, followed by the continuation of the series. I should note that our very own Pink Floyd (by our very own, I obviously mean mine all mine) has even used Dr Who in one of their songs. If the great Floyd can show appreciation, then everyone else on your hands and knees and pay tribute! Oh, tribute, mind you, not worship. I am not up for betraying the Commandment of worshiping false idols. Kneel before God! Respect the Floyd :p

I think I am going to go watch some old school Dr Who... well, not that old. Everyone else is going Christmas crazy, guess I will watch Christmas Invasion.