October 15th, 2010


Name Game

I have this thing with names. Maybe it has something to do with the great and loving name that God has provided to me. Naming things has gone back a long time in my history. I also noticed something interesting in some past naming ventures.

First and foremost, since not everyone reads everything I write, and just starts with the beginning. I am not the proud owner of a new Dodge Viper. I honestly did not make the connection until I think the second person came to me asking me if I got a Dodge. I have a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. The Hybrid is a nice vehicle that has a gas engine as well as a high power battery. I do not ever have to plug the battery in, nor do I ever have to have it serviced, san me having a run of bad luck and it "breaks down" like any other car part.

So, my first real laptop I bought was called Raine. The second laptop I bought was called Ghaleon. I named the dog Ghaleon also (even though I do not remember which I had first, the dog or second laptop). My PS3 is called Prime. My upstairs multimedia computer is called Flux. My first 360 is called Aeon. At some point I might have wanted to think of the correlations:

Raine is Michelle Rodriguez's character in Resident Evil. Ghaleon was the main antagonist in the Lunar: Silver Star game. Prime is Optimus Prime from the Transformers cartoon. Aeon and Flux form Aeon Flux, the animated mini on Liquid Television.

Spoiler alerts! Resident Evil, Lunar: Silver Star, Lunar: Eternal Blue, Transformers: The Movie (animated), and Aeon Flux...

Well... Raine gets infected and dies in Resident Evil. Ghaleon gets killed in the first game, only to come back in the second and get killed in that. Optimus Prime dies twice, at the end of the Transformers movie, and then after making a cameo in the series after, this time being destroyed for good. Aeon Flux had a habit of dying every single time in her shorts.

Well, my laptop Raine suffered a "virus" like death, resulting in the hard drive going toasted. At this point, there is no real (or at this time practical) way to bring her back. Ghaleon, the dog, died after barely making it to a year old. The laptop would also end up dying, a similar fate as Raine did (hard drive failure). Prime, my PS3, had a two failures. One failure erased all info on the drive, and the second failure was fatal and had to be replaced (keeping with the cannon, Optimus would come back in the Transformers life action). Aeon, my 360, would supper multiple RRoD (the three red rings of death) and would have to be sent in to be brought back. Flux, my multimedia computer, recently had a power supply failure, that was taken care of when I upgraded my "current" desktop. So someone tell me, just how messed up is that where my toys share a fate similar to their real life counterparts? On that note...

Jarin, the name of my child, is not named after anyone of significance. He name is a take from Jaron, a Biblical name. Also, I am not one for common names, really. Bob, Bill, Jack... yeah some cool fictional characters can carry these names, however I wanted my kid to pack some uniqueness from before he could even talk. Anyone who has met Jarin, can attest the fact, he lives up to that uniqueness quite well in personality also.

My current desktop is named Phoenix (as in the bird that dies and rises up). The name was inspired by both the myth as well as the Final Fantasy avatar. Phoenix was the result of Aeon dying (hence, rising from the dead).

My current laptop is named Wiskers, after my dead cat. Wiskers did live a long life before death finally took him (10 years). That laptop was actually dropped a little while back, and is now being sold to my father, the one who happened to have gotten me Wiskers back when I was five.

My current Netbook is named Dexter, after the serial killer based from the book "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" (which is better known from the Showtime show, "Dexter"). Inspiration came from the fact that Dexter is "dexterous" (which also gave part to where the writer came up with his name). also, despite difficulties, Dexter manages to live on and survive. Oh, is that considered a spoiler alert? Yeah, the boat sinks also.

My last car was named Alex. Alex was going to be the name of my first child (Alexander) with the mind set that I was not ever going to have kids. It was not a deep rooted thought, I was just thinking how things went with women, what I was looking for, etc, that it just was not going to happen (hi Jarin!)

So, this brings me to where the name of my new Ford Hybrid comes from. Yes, I like to take the scenic route, however, I figured this would make things... solid :)

My car is named Vic Viper (Vic for short). This was the name of the spaceship in the Gradius/Salamander series. The came comes from two important keys, and one minor detail.

The minor detail, the Vic Viper ship is a vehicle. Granted, it is a space vehicle with power ups and the ability to destroy alien battle cruisers, however I am sure Microsoft will have something like that in an upgrade to their Sync service.

First off, my car has the Ford Sync option in it. You push a button, a computer can talk to you, and you give it commands and it does things. Also, the dash is computer electronic. You can alter the dash the way you would widgets in Vista or Windows 7. So, pretty much, I am driving a computer. The Vic Viper also has a computer that talks (you actually hear it in Gradius V for the PS2). Both of them are female voices. Both of them have the ability to sometimes frustrate you. Both appear to be extremely smart and adapt well. So there is part one of the name.

Most important, however, is if you go crazy superstitious in how my naming schemes have fallen into place, the Vic Viper ship is a single space craft (duo if you count Lord British from the multiplayer Salamander) that has been in around ten or so games of the series. It is one ship. One. It flies around, surrounded by literally millions of things that could kill it. Okay, maybe not literally, but if you ever beaten a Gradius game on hard and had the mispleasure of playing one of the loops, it sure SEEMS like there are a million some things out there. So needless to say, Vic Viper does the impossible. It single handedly takes on an entire armada of enemies, dodges many bullets (Konami loves projectiles), and manages to survive.

So, by governed by spiritual law, I command that NOTHING happens to my car. If there is a hailstorm, I expect my car, the Vic Viper, to somehow manage to avoid EVERY single piece and not get a single dent at all. Because that is not how the Vic Viper rolls...