October 5th, 2010


Not Cyndie

I think the issue with my brain might actually stem something from an issue with my body. There are changes that I notice. I know, the body starts breaking down at some point as opposed to getting better, and it is not like I live the most heathy lifestyle depicting wonderful body growth.

At any rate, I notced during work as I was being myself that I have not really been myself lately. I am not sure exactly the reason, even though I could take a few quesses I remind myself that once stained with the evils of psychology (there is no psycho in... oh wait...) that it is important to be careful what I feel is fact from fiction. Also, who the eff said my background colours could change like that? Damn bastards!!

Yeah, yeah, tags pending, I get it, I am lazy...
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    "Chrono Trigger Winds of Time", Rimco
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