October 4th, 2010


Welcome To Cornelia!

Well shit. I totally forgot about this:

"A Word to our players.

Exploring Eorzea is a thrilling experience. During your time here, you will be able to talk, join, and adventure with many other individuals in an experience that is unique to online games. That being said, we have no desire to see your real life suffer as a consequence.

Please do not forget your family, your friends, your school, or your work."

It is a good thing there is a reminder since I have not made an entry in forever. Of course, I still go to work, and I still take care of my kid, because not even FFXIV is more important than Jarin (even though, FFXIV does not ever make me cry [well, not anymore that I have my new graphics card and power supply] or continously think of things every single day [almost every single hour, to the point my brain is going to short circuit]). I still bathe, in fact, I think I do a better job now that I work from home. I also seem to eat a little better, so I am doing that also. At this point, I do not have school, so I will simply say lcuky for me to currently be done with it. I say currently because who knows when I will decide to complete my double major. So yeah, I am going to say FFXIV and the world of Eorzea is safe for now. Speaking of which...

FFXIV for the first month has cost me around $730, hehehe. This includes the new graphics card I bought to make things run more smooth, and of course a new card require more power so a new power supply. Oh, and don't forget the game itself was the collector's addition.

On the bright side, things went rather well for me. The install gave me a bit of a worry, especially when I noticed a four pin was required on the mother board, and I was only seeing 6 and 8. Instructions on rare instances can be beautiful. It turns out the 8 pin can be pulled apart into two 4 pins. It was also a bit of a struggle as everything was slightly bigger. Well, the card was massive, let's not lie here, and no, I have no need to attempt to compinsate for anything. Well I pulled the power supply (300W) from the computer and put in the 700W. I also decided to throw the power supply into the computer upstairs that had been dead since a power failure a while back. While shit my pants, the damn thing WORKED. It was a hassle. I had to remove a memory chip. I also had to bend my arm like Mr Fantastic. I mean seriously, who the hell puts a power supply connection right under a huge blocky drive thing? The new one is setup so much better. At any rate, I now have another working computer. On the bad side, I cannot seem to get wireless to work from the family room to the master bedroom upstairs. So, more work to do, yet again.

So, I got FFXIV on the 24th, and I did my upgrade on the 2nd. I also decided that my laptop could use an upgrade, so I am going to sell Wiskers to my dad (hmm, how ironic) and get a new one. Maybe I will call it Lord British, haha! Only Stingray would get that joke! I think he is too hung up on that not so great remake of Lunar to read this...

So I still am not sure what is wrong with my brain. Something is extremely wrong with it, and I feel I will most likely fall victum of medication. Ug, that is all I want to do. A human who I had booted from my life due to saying some of the most wrong things at the wrong time (talking shit about my kid, whether you even realize it or, really can put you on a shit list). The time is ticking down to when Nicole will visit. Ug... maybe just having her live with me forever would be enough for me not to require medication :) Oh yeah, that reminds me, I started writing my last entry right after the one before that (well look who shows up on Skype when I start talking to her... and look who just messaged me!!!!)

Well that was fun and exciting. I enjoyed talking to Nicole tons. Quiet possibly, I am alone and I miss my lady. Some of what I think is my issue may not be as much of my issue as I think. I am not sure, there is the chance.

On a final note, happy 11 years at work... 10/4/99