September 17th, 2010

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Death Apple

Happy birthday to my father. I love him much, and hope he is safe and well flying around the bars tonight. I called and talked to him during my lunch. I had Jen have Jarin call him also.

So, my last entry was two days late. First after spending an exhausting day with Jarin and a few other things, where I passed out around 21:00 and woke around 23:45, and then the next day I just... eh... spaced it off like I do many things. So, I thought I would do a catch up. I am tired of being behind :D But first, it is time for a bowel movement! Join the movement today!

The Past.

I have gone over some old JOHD entries, as well as other historical documents. I sure miss my past. By that I mean remembering it. So strange how the world seems when I go back to see how I was living it. There are a lot of people in that past that no longer associate with me, or do so very frequently. There is something about that issue that sticks with my brain. There are many times that I wish I would either forget things or be better at letting them go. I really miss writing. I can see it in how I feel when I read some of my strange entries.


I cannot say enough about my girlfriend. I totally am in love with her, and think she is one of the best women to ever be in my life (family excluded, of course). Of late she is
attempting" to "talk like me". A few times it has certainly proven to be humorous. I have not talked to her as much as usual, as she appears to be less on Skype, my favorite form of talking to people. It does not mean I think any less of her. I am truly hopeful from a visit this winter break. I even hear rumor my place is going to magically be cleaner after her visit, haha. It reminds me of a JOHD entry I read lately involving Gretchen and Melissa, where they "plotted" to clean my apartment up while I was working.


Lately I had the chance of spending some additional time with Jarin while Jen was having her car worked on. Out of nowhere, he would sometimes start talking about her and BG. I wonder how much of that is reciprocated when he is away from me. Just how much does daddy play a part in his life? His memory is unreal. His intelligence is accelerated. He uses both together to form one of the most complex selective memories I have seen in any human. If I was not his father, and spent all of the time I did with him, then I would not realize how cunning he is in attempting to get his own way and to stay out of trouble. He is extremely talkative, and I absolutely love that. He asks me a lot of questions about how the world works, and when I answer, he many times will ask about my answer, to which I answer that question, and to which he once again will ask more questions. I have seen how some parents get annoyed with that, and tend to not answer or give the stop-all answers. "God did it," "Because." There are also times when Jarin will ask a question, and then he answers it himself. There are also some things he picks up that surprise me. We drove by a cemetery, and he said something like, "That is a cemetery where people go when they die." I have had no trouble teaching Jarin about death, however I wonder just how well he grasps the aspect of one who never wakes from a sleep. Jarin also has an interesting sense of humor. I said something while at the Wendy's drive-through, and he laughed and mentioned how "daddy is funny".


I have been learning a lot about humans lately. Specifically, the bond trouble between myself and another. While it is an ongoing process, of late I have come across some extremely interesting revelations, like who really is keeping an eye on me, people who have lied to me, and the fact my ability to figure out some human behavior is really spot on. To that, now that I am WFH, I am thinking more on expanding my psychological academic venture. If ever I won the lotto, one of the things I would do is get a Dr. in psychology (because Dr. Madd just sounds too cool, hehe), and have an extremely cheap therapy practice. It is sad that if I had become a teacher, I would be making insanely less money than what I do now, which is a monkey that answers the phone, pushes some buttons, and makes a few phone calls while keeping an eye on things. How does society turn out that way? How is it we pay movie stars millions to entertain us for a few hours, yet those who shape the minds of tomorrow less than an operator?

Vic Viper.

Alex's days are getting numbered. IN digging in the past, I also found his important "birth" papers. I have everything required to have him move on. It has been a great 8.5 years, however, as with many things of this nature, sooner or later, an upgrade is called for. I already know the name of my next baby, assuming it is in the Ford area with sync. I was looking at 2011 Ford Fusion Hybrid. They get 41/36 city and highway. The breaking system puts about 97% of energy used on the breaks back into the battery, and that is the reason the gas mileage is backwards (more in city than highway). The exact kind I was looking at was unfortunately sold while I was on vacation. So now I am looking at alternatives. Alex was my first real power vehicle. In fact, he was a "surprise", similar to Jarin when I found out he was on the way :D There are some cars that should not allowed to be test drove, and the 2002 WRX was one of them. I will say this much, besides the fact I will miss that power, I am very much going to miss my manual transmission. Oh, well, I guess I better miss that all wheel drive for fun Iowa winters. Nicole might be in for a real treat when she comes to visit :)


I am still loving WFH. I can take a shower during my break. Working OT does not feel so much like OT. Accessibility to food and other goodies is just a wonderful treat. I really am going to be pushing to keep my stats up and running. I think it helps when I can blare my music without worry of coworkers complaining about it. I can always pause or turn it down during increased call volumes. There is just something wonderful about my home setting that makes things more bearable. I wonder if I have one of those conditions, like a phobia, only I am not actually afraid of anything (other than the huge spiders that stalk me). Some managers joked asking what I was going to take from work to home since I have a bunch of home stuff at work. It really makes me realize more and more that I like that bit of home with me. When I go out, I like to take home things with me, like when I am going to the Land of Yeast and Cheese™ or even when I take trips to TX. I guess home really is where the heart is.


My pet zombie does not love you for your body, however he sure loves you for your brains! There is something wrong with mine. I think the problem is everyone I know (not really) is on some form of brain medication to do this or that, and I am not. I thought I was supposed to be the crazy one. I think old age is starting to play tricks on my mentalmones (like hormones but specific to my brain). I am not as "excited" about life anymore. I better understand how Dexter feels like.

Something I forgot.

Um... I do not remember?


The world of Final Fantasy is... slipping away. I think people are prepping for the release of FFXIV. This makes me a little sad. They might have to combine more worlds together. I mean, there is hardly anyone showing up to Campaign battles. REALLY?!? I get Peetave all worked up and great, and this is how they treat me, by not having people to back stuff up? Ug! On that note, it is time to officially tag FFXIV, as it is on my buy list, and is set for Sept 22nd! I was talking to Mr Chance who said he wanted me to invite him over when I get it. Ah yes... fresh meat! I went over the wiki, and must say I am still rather confused as to what I am going to be doing. Of course, I was that way with FFXI, and look at me now (still not past level 70 with any job, ug). What is up with S.E attempting to remove levels from all of their games? Did they not learn from the epic fail known as FFXIII??


We have not fought in some time now. That is good. I still have some internal unresolved issues I am attempting to deal with (poorly, most likely), however I like the non-fighting. I still cannot trust her as far as I can throw myself. I find that analogy is better than "... as far as I can throw you/her/him." See, in accordance to Newton's 1st law, you cannot lift yourself up. An object in motion stays in motion until acted upon an unbalanced external force. I might be unbalanced, however I am not external. Hmm, that did nto even make sense. Oh well. Oh... wow... my computer finally played some Comfortably Numb. Mmmm... let's see this is 9 min and 29 seconds, disc 2, track 12, 569 seconds long. I say that without looking at it. It is great to know my mind has not completely left me. Oh wait, this spot was about Jen. Eh, I guess I am done, I can enjoy my Floyd now :)


Hi. How are ya doing? My kid loves your work. He sometimes requests it in the car, however at this point I do not have an ample supply in the 6-disc changer. It is time to correct that. Well, I am going to see your half (the half that does not sing as well, and complains like a whiney bitch a lot). I have seen him... three times now. I think it is three. I could ask you to make this venue the one where the other half (one who can sing, does not complain as much) show up. However, seeing as there is only one place this is happening, I do not suspect it to be in Nebraska of all places. I might as well wish for my girlfriend to move in next month, and Jen to decide to move the bunch next door. I think I will just enjoy the music :D Oh, yeah, that reminds me, speaking of Floyd, yesterday (Thursday) Orlando's responsored Des Moines Karaoke. I was specifically asked to sing Hey You. I really miss having the close Floydian attention where I am asked to actually sing songs. It was a good night. Responsored is a word, Word, deal with it.


Hi JOHD. How the heck are you? I have been better, I certainly have been worse. I will say I am in a calm state. I am not sure how accurate this is. However it is my current story and I am sticking with it.
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