August 29th, 2010


Texas Twitter Step

This entry was created while still in TX, around last Sunday. While I would "backdate" it, the fact is this is the next "logical" post, so, there ya go.

Okay, so, the trip has gone well this far. The drive, well, interesting to say the least. I left 2.5 hours later than I wanted to. I forgot my PS3. For the record, this was actually for gaming WITH my girlfriend, since she commented on playing console games with me. I also forgot my pillow. Hey, it is a darn expensive pillow. So, the plan had been, go to Wal-Mart, see Myles, grab shit, keep going, get to TX and see my girlfriend for a few. So instead, it went, go to Wal-Mart, go back home, then go different direction. Well THAT was cool because just today I realized I do not have the power cord to Wiskers (17" laptop, the power player). Sure, I have the one to Dexter (10.1" Netbook, new child to the Kroeger family), however, this only has music transferred and the like. However, that is in the future, and I am not supposed to let anyone know I have that ability... yet.

So on my trip; I had my first gas stop. Yellow light comes on, and I go and get gas. I had an entire gallon of gas still, so, that meant I should be able to drive a little more next time to maximize my drive time and cut on a third gas stop. Well, then the yellow light comes on a second time. I am stopping to get food (the only real food I would have all day) and I decide I can make it to the next time. Well, as I was driving, and "12 miles to next town" showed up, Alex started to slow down, and I said "OH SHIT!!".

For an extremely odd reason, seeing the situation I was in, I was rather calm for being out of gas and lied to by my car. I mean, you JUST TOLD me how far I should be able to go from the last time we filled up. I originally was going to hot foot it to next town, then back. I decided to put Alex in neutral, and push his 2 ton and 2 lbs. ass to my next stop. Well, as fate (God) would have it, someone saw me pushing, and turned the other way, and asked if they could help. Had I not been pushing, he would have never stopped. It was also great as I had pushed Alex about... a half mile? I am not sure, it seemed like 5 miles. I do know that for being 4002 lbs., Alex moved exceptional well. Thank you Newton's First Law.

Now, for those who think, "You got in the car of a total stranger like that? You could have been cut into pieces!" First off, I realized how far I was going to have to go, and my back and rest is not as it use to be, this person could have said he was going to rape my butt for 10 seconds, and I am sure I would have... compromised. Haha, JOKE. However, point two is, his kid, wearing a McDonald's uniform, was with him. So, in my mind, if this was a Dexter duo, they did a great job and deserved to chop me up and spread me through OK. Well, after getting in his vehicle, I made out he was a cowboy. He talked like one, and he also was someone directly linked to God. Thus, anyone who prayed for a safe trip to TX for me... thanks... it worked. This guy was really cool, and honestly, as fate would have it, would help the starting of my trip before even getting there, be wonderfully exciting. So, I do not find it odd that I was not worried when I originally ran out of gas. It is like, I knew God would take care of me. He has done so wonderful this far.

Speaking of which, for the first time in my life of driving over two hours, I had no caffeine, meaning I did not have to use any of the five 5-Hour Energy, and I did not get the sleepy feeling. All this on a 16 hour drive... unreal. I sometimes drive to Clinton and I feel like I am going to pass out if I do not have any caffeine boosting me.

So I got to TX, and it was almost 2 AM. My girlfriend showed up to say hi. I got my hug. Finally, after nine flipping years, I get the hug that I have been wanting so bad for so long. Oh my. I cannot explain the feeling, I mean really. This was already the "third attempt" at a visit.

Well, I must have really wore myself out. I woke up around 1000 or so. I passed out again. I was up at... 1430. Oh... my... flipping... word. I have not EVER slept that long, I think, ever. Pushing a car and driving forever without caffeine or anything really wears one out.

So to skip ahead a bit, things have fallen into place just as I expected. Despite some bad Internet experiences when Nicole would meet someone she met online and they would turn into a totally different person, I have proven myself as a what you see is what you get, whether online, in person, or whatever. The chemistry between us is strong, if not more so. This is truly one of the greatest relationships I have ever been in. I feel so... desired, from a person who otherwise feel no necessity to do so. Three is no social drive, or anything else that makes it seem forced. Picking a guy who is 951 miles away includes the worst type of baggage: 951 miles of distance, hEhEhE!! Nicole is a wonderful person, and if she wanted to settle down with a guy, I am sure she could find someone local. No, I *know* she could find someone local, just like I knew all of the other things I said would happen. Arrogance? No, not even close. You observe life long enough and you just pick up on things. I love people, and I love the mind, and I love learning about life. While there are things that I get wrong, there are some things I just inherently know about people. I was right, and thank goodness, since that means that destiny truly is falling to where she should; my heart, my life, and my future.