August 23rd, 2010

ATHF Frylock

Order Cooperation

I have really been enjoying my extended time with Jarin. The only big change from the plan is when he cracked his head open, so we ended up not going to the beach. However, Jarin and I have been doing extremely well, minus his attitude issue before work today that almost cost me a late for MOT.

I believe it was Sunday that we went to Ryan's Steakhouse. For whatever reason, Jarin keeps thinking we are going to "Brian's". As irony would have it, I ran across Mr. Des Moines "I eat poop" Karaoke. It seems that Ryan's has finally gotten with the time. I remember having to have my plate given to me, and waiting for a new, and my drink, and everything else. The place has been redone a bit look wise, and FINALLY you can get your own drinks. Jarin remembered from the very last time that he had Barg's root beer there (seriously, has it been like almost a month??). I decided to use this to get my way, which was him eating his food. Since when in the world does he not like pizza, or Mac and Cheese? Well, I got him to eat the pizza, and he really liked the turkey they were serving. So it was a pretty good time. I think he likes Icee. This does not surprise me.

I do a lot of running around, and have a little bit of down time. It is difficult being a single dad in a big house all by myself. There are things that require attention, and not everything is Jarin friendly, like, being attacked by bees for example. Jen would be happy to know that Jarin talks about her from time to time. He seems to get smarter and smarter, even though this can sometimes be an issue more than a blessing. I will not be told to be quiet from my child.

Speaking of Jen, we have had... quite time. There is no fighting, at least as of Jarin busting his head open. I like this. There are no panic attacks of late so I will not have to steal any of Erin's drugs, haha!! I was even nice enough to offer her and her crew to come down on Sunday since I realized it was going to be one of the longest times Jen would be without seeing Jarin. It was a combination of my trip next week, not having to have a double drive during the week, and the fact I just do not get anywhere as much time (adding that whole me not seeing him for well over a week). Of course, it did not start out nice, as expected. However, as with many other things, it could have all been worse than it turned out to be.

I noticed that Jarin has that really popular book I never heard of, "Where the Wild Things Are". He has a few other books that are some hefty reading. I would be made out to never read to my child or do much other than play video games, however it is not true. Yeah he gets a bit of video game play, like when I have to take care of certain things around the house. Still, I do other things with him. My planning is not always the greatest, and has not been forever, however I notice I am doing better. Also, the house is finally falling into "do a little bit of cleaning" to where it is starting to look like a bachelor does not live there, despite Jarin's best efforts to make it look otherwise. Oh yeah, I even got to use my massively expensive vacuum. Wow, the change is a coming, haha!

Something is wrong with my brain. I really wish I knew how to fix it. I wish I could make thoughts disappear. I mean, I am forgetting everything in life in the first place. This irritates me. Of course, I think some of the house work and things I find and the like are adding to it.

I miss Rabbit. He dropped by earlier. His FFXI is deactivated. He appears to be saving up for FFXIV. I plan on pre-ordering it. I originally was not going to, but who am I kidding. There is going to be a point down the road I am going to get it, so why not take advantage of what I can with it. What is going to suck is that FFXI will most likely lose most of the American players, so I will be in LS where no one speaks a word of English. I guess since I currently am not in any LS it really does not matter much, haha!

Today is my girlfriend's first day of school. Makes me seem like... a creepy old man. Of course, most things make me seem like a creepy old man. I think Jethro Tull has time traveling abilities. Aqualung was obviously a song they wrote about me. Only when I am sitting on a park bench, I am paying attention to my child. HA!! Didn't see THAT one coming, DID you! That is because I went back in time and knocked a woman up so instead of eying little girls with bad intent, I was watching my child be a demon to the other kids when possible. Wait a second, why is "Aqualung" in my dictionary yet "Icee" is not? This is strange. Oh yeah, for anyone thinking I am being extremely... beyond creepy, do a search online for "sitting on a park bench" (which I find absolutely hilarious that "... lyrics" is in the suggestions, meaning people are not getting the name of this song). This would show that I am simply educated in culture. I know music that is not related to Pink Floyd. Thus, we turn full circle, and I somehow bring together the same topic I was talking about. I think I just confused myself.

I show I have approximately 5 days, 5 hours, 54 minutes, and 2 seconds until I reach my destination on my trip. No... I am not counting, whatsoever. This is guesstimated (WTF? That is a word?) from me leaving Saturday morning, and by morning, I mean in Alex and driving at 8 AM. Yes, I said 8 AM. Hello, 5 hour energy, bring a friend! I have to test out if my Netbook and speakers are going to make it without blowing a fuse. I know Wiskers and speakers kill it almost instantly, and I only have like 4 fuses left, and really do not want to drive to Clinton to get anymore (since for whatever reason, nowhere in Des Moines sells 8 AMP fuses. However, I think Dexter, using less power, should be kinder to me. On another note, I better move music, otherwise it will all be pointless anyway. How about some "I Like to Watch"? hehehehehehe...

I wonder what my little Boogers is doing right now. Yesterday night as I watched him play a game, I passed out on the floor. It was around 22:00 or so. The next thing I know, I slightly wake to him crawling off the couch, turning off the 360, then the TV, and then crawling over to me and cuddling up to my arm and passing out with me. Welcome to one of my favorite reasons for being a dad.