August 18th, 2010

toys: str-dg820

Skip the Butter

Yes, Erin, thank you for the spectacle of falling out of your chair and knocking it over on you. We appreciate your business.

Can someone tell me what in the world we still are using fax machines for? No flying cars, okay I get that only Eureka and other super secret places get that. But fax? I mean, get a scanner, and use email. For crying out loud, even my own work has an EMAIL system that sends FAX. Really? How about you send, oh I don't know, email? There is a thought.

I had more I was going to say, however I think I will save it for now. I will not it has been a very good day. Thank you, God, for being so great and wonderful. I look forward to seeing Jarin today as last time I saw him was Friday night.