August 17th, 2010

ani-moo cow

The Madd says...

Why in the world is the like button not proportional to the rest of the content? It drives me nuts. I cannot handle such things, I mean really, it is like someone did it specifically to get me, just like in season one of Dexter when the killer was doing things to send Dexter a message. Oh my gosh! I figured it out! Well, I cannot say anything, I do not want to ruin anything for anyone. Ug, I cannot believe I have to wait 24 billion years before I get to see new episodes of Dexter.

Baratta’s is very good. The broasted (shut up it is too a word) chicken was most excellent. I think I am doing okay, all things considered. It might change, as I am doing my best to not get to ahead of myself in the future (Jarin), however, with my soon to be visit (Nicole) I hope that life will better Tetris itself altogether. Um, fall into place, for all of those confused by my line of thinking. Hahaha... line... Tetris. I had fun playing manager today. I was super busy. Unfortunately this meant my "function" was not properly covered, and now I have a lot of work to finish up on. I am sure Atom Heart Mother will protect me.