August 15th, 2010


Forgot my Title

So, Friday the 13th went by rather well. It was one of the more "quiet" ones I have gotten. I can count the number of people who said anything in almost one hand. However, the meaning behind was certainly not lost. There was no fighting with Jen. I spent the majority of the time with Jarin. We went to the fair and had a great time. Every five minutes Jarin is talking about wanting to go on rides (he saw the Farris Wheel), and as is par for the course with Jarin he did not want the food I was getting, until I sat down and just started eating. Also, the weather was perfect (being with Jarin). It was raining really hard on the way to the fair, and he loved that, and then it pretty much stopped when we got there and were done eating. I do not think Jarin is a big fan of the butter cow. I really do not blame him. Also as expected he loved jerky. One of his favorites, however, is playing with the water spouts that shoot water out. I am certain he could play with those things forever, and there are two of them. We also checked out some animals, and it was fun watching Jarin feed the camels, more so than the other animals. We then started on rides. The Sky Ride, the Ye Old Boat (and I do not think he was too fond of that since it was mostly dark, even though he did not freak out). We got to the midway, and he wanted to hit the roller coaster. I had him ride a few others first. I asked him over and over, "Are you positive you want to go on the roller coaster?" He assured me he did, so I had to pick up more tickets for me, and we rode that, and he loved it. This kid is going to be a ride freak! Next time I will have to hit it early, so I can get an all day pass and just keep on riding (practically) everything. The one thing I did not prepare well for was budget. While money is not an issue for me, paper cash can be, and spending $4 for ice cream and the like will cut you down quickly. Luckily for me, I had money in the form of $10 rolls of quarters. However, this meant I had to make a trek all the way back to my car, and then all the way back to the fair. That really wore Jarin out and he was tired of walking. I told him I was tired of walking also, and his reply was that I was too big for him to carry. However, I eventually gave in. He can be such a cuddle bug. So the trip back for cash was for the caricature. I thought it came out rather well. It costs me almost $50 (two people, color, tax, sleeve, and tip) however it has been a tradition for me since 2004. Overall, it was a six hour venture, so we certainly made good time. Jarin only fell down four times, two holding my hands. He has to learn, however, wet rocks equal tripping hazard.

So my dad showed up shortly after we got home. Jarin thought it was mommy, however I think he was really happy to see it was grandpa Kroeger. Jarin decided we were all going to take turns playing the "racing game" (Outburn demo). I was so wore out I almost passed out a few times. Then I took Jarin to grandma McDonald's, and then took dad out to Styx to shoot pool. They had a table they were selling by the hour. That was wonderful! It was $5 per hour. I shot my best game of pool yet. While it was not true every game, there were a few games where I just totally owned at one point. It was great, and I was actually up 4 - 2 at one point, however finally fell 10 - 14. I only had a shot and picture of beer, and think this might be a record for least amount drank. However, there is a connection going out with my dad that really feels great. It was funny I mentioned something about my dad a few ago, and it turns out he stops by town to visit. So let's see, I think it went... Melissa, Myles, dITZ, Gem, and Jen. Oh, yeah, I guess I really could count my blessing on one hand. Jen was actually a shock, given how things have been lately. It was nice, and certainly a surprise. I am still confused by it, and never got a reply, however that is the norm of late, so I am not going to sweet it. Since the last fight, things have gotten calm. I would like to keep it that way *sigh*