July 14th, 2010

ani-madd faces


Wow, so, I guess I owe you a lot of catch up, JOHD. Yeah I think a few people are looking for some explanations over the past few months also. I can do that, I can catch up. This will certainly be a lot easier than the catch up with Peetave. That is going to take me longer…

... so the last time we left our pro/antagonist, he was stressing and crabbing on some depressing issues. There was a longer version that was slated, however I think the abridged version might be in order. Some months ago, I had noticed that Jennifer was acting “different”. It is one of those Dr House things that I have been known to have a gift for from time to time. Oh yeah, keep in mind for how smart Greg is, he generally screws up a lot and pisses a lot of people off before he gets the right answer. Maybe that is the reason I love watching House. (*clears throat* Um, abridged please?) Oh yeah, sorry. So day before Mother’s Day, after the “it is more than obvious” to me thing happens, I ask “What’s his name?” out of the blue. It turns out he is someone who lives 2 hours away from Des Moines, and Jennifer was talking about spending her life with this guy so far away. This was the start of the inability to eat from Saturday to Thursday, and the start of my “weight loss” program. At first I figured I was just upset about my kid living two hours away soon to a guy I knew completely nothing about. Later, I would think that I wanted Jennifer back (this was around Tuesday I felt that). So I came to the consensus that some of how I interact with some people is not the best choice. Also, giving things great thought, I determined that I had this issue with commitment. So I fixed that. I had an issue with not just treating people as they treat me, because some people can treat me extremely shitty. So I put in a repair order to get that fixed (that one takes a little longer). I wrote up a list of things I owed Jennifer. The ego defense mechanism is a beautiful thing for those on the receiving end of it. I put away a bunch of her stuff, wrote her some nice notes and stuff. Of course, in her heart it was a day late and a dollar short. That is something that can be understandable, except that she thought the talk of children and marriage was just talk. What I found was that her heart was just that much moved on and invested in another person. Some time would pass (very abridged), and at one point my heart and mind were a bit more at ease as I simply accepted the fact I was ready to move on, and this time without her. She had someone in her life to take care of her, and at the time I was happy for her (a rather large plot twist has happened since then, but again another story). I was going to move on and find someone and then everyone was going to be happy. “... and that, my liege, is how we know the world to be banana shaped”. Thus “closes” the chapter of what my initial sad, melancholy, depressive state was over.

Oh, but as with anything in life, the story totally does not stop there. So much more has developed. In fact, since I am extremely over due to you JOHD old friend, within the 24 hour mind at ease, God would answer one of the many prayers of “take the pain away” by re-adding someone into my life who would later turn out to be my current girlfriend of this day.