May 17th, 2010

ani-madd faces


Today's psychology lesson, brought to you free of charge by Maddness, who paid a lots for this information: When you and someone else "pass by", either party (or both) who maintains eye contact for over 2.5 seconds, has interest. So if you are in a bar, and you notice someone has been looking at you for over 2.5 seconds, there is your green light to strike up conversation. Keep in mind, if your fly is down, or you happen to be naked in the bar, it may not be interest as much as... well...

This same thing applies to when you walk down a sidewalk. Now keep in mind, the interest may not be of "wanting you", however, there is something there that is keeping interest. Maybe it is the way you dress, the way you look, a specific hair style that intrigues the person.

I finally remembered the fact, that I owe an entry. Two days ago, Saturday, in attempts to get "important" information, I sent a TXT with my underlying thought being I was being "blown off" when I did not get a timely response. Instead, it was simply, a miss of my TXT (and later call). So, yes, I was wrong, and I assumed due to just one experience before where I was getting "delayed responses" to TXT that it was happening yet again. See, I can be wrong :)

Today was a day of... little sleep. This was not of my fault. However, I feel... energized. Thank you 5-Hour Energy.