May 7th, 2010

ATHF Dr Weird

I Am Makes This Brain

I... am... tired. Wow, so very tired. I am happy, but also tired. I am getting some POWER OUT time. This makes me happy. I think the tired this week has been messing with my brain.

My computer is still inaccessible to me remotely. Wow really? Yes I know this. It is cold out. Somewhere in Iowa, someone may be getting snow. April showers brings May snow.

This morning at the bar, before going home, "Make My Baby" extraordinaire had yet another woman talking to him about giving her babies. Of course, she was all over about 3 other guys before making it out the door. Hmm, and people say I am a male prostitute. At least I keep my whoring down to no more than one per session. Hahaha!! "Whoring" is a word!

My phone is still a piece of crap. My car passenger front tire has a leak or something as I will end up to about 15 PSI within a week if I do not fill it up. My house is utterly trashed. It is udder-ly trashed also. I like this Net Radio station. /yawn I have gas. Alex could use a bath. I just scratched my ear. I have inner wax build up that requires fixing. My body is falling apart. I love Floyd.