May 5th, 2010


Bat Boogers

I could use some POWER OUT! I think it is time to schedule it.

Holy holagrams! Yesterday jarin beat the first challenge level on Arkham Asylum. My dear word this kid is going to be a challenge when he grows up, assuming he ever does...

I found out something new with my camera, at least for me. While it has always done the cool red-eye removal right after taking a picture, there are times that it “misses” those devilishly red glaring eyes. Well, turns out I can edit on the fly. That is sweet. Yay technology!

Speaking of the wonderful world of technology, yesterday, after being hit by a fifth wave of goobers, or maybe it was more, my 360 decided to crash, making all that EXP and notes earned during Campaign Battle, dead and gone. I want to slap S.E. up side their head with a Mack Truck. That is so wrong, and so evil. At least in Besieged I am getting skill ups when it crashes, not to mention if I zip back in soon enough, I still get my EXP and stuff. Well, it was so discerning that I actually found myself wanting CB to be over. Yes, I wanted it over so I could… stop playing FFXI. No! Stop! No need to call the police, or special psychics, I said it! It was a rather lengthy battle, and in fact, I have no clue how many waves were there BEFORE I arrived. *Everyone* showed up to that battle, even the bird people! I dislike bird people. A few showed up twice. The Dark Dorks ended up dropping me 5 times in a row, to a point where I almost saw it pointless to respawn. However, I did, and of course, a few more waves would show up :) After a while, however, the place was totally littered with PC. Thank goodness there were no NPC's fighting, as the lag was unbearable as it is. Not to mention, anyone who had not burned out on their 360 would have certainly felt doom.

Well, gee, look at me. These new hour things are really messing with my brain. I can actually go to bed around 6:00, and wake up around 9:15 or so. This is strange since my schedule would otherwise have me here at 8:00. Still, it shows the body has adjusted. So the fact I am working this whole week as 16:30 - 1:00, and will be switching back come Monday, I am sure my body will have a few things to say about that. Good for him.

Speaking of the world of Q... hmm... I forgot what I was going to say. Talking FFXI distracts me.

So, as shown to the world, yet again, I have failed. My ability to write every day, well, not so good. At least my lawn is finally mowed, and something and another that I did. Oh yeah, I caught up on some movies (thank you disheartening FFXI battle). I hope a lot of people are watching V, as the show has really picked up now that character development is "completed" for the main characters.

I want a beer, who want's a mustache ride?