March 10th, 2010

ani-floyd wave

ATP, as easy as SQUIRREL!

So odd that I am writing this during my lunch. Actually, that is not as odd as the time stamp. I had another interesting dream. It is interesting in the fact at the time it was very vivid. I had thought my brain was slowly slipping away from me, since I use to have lots of dreams, and I remembered them, and some even confused with Reality. Well when I say confused with Reality I mean the fact while dreaming I thought events were really happening.

Now, one could post this fact to my shift in time scheduling. It would be a logical conclusion that I would take. This is debunked, however, when I take into consideration that the last dream I had however many days ago that I said I wanted to write about was during my “normal” schedule. So I really do not have the time to get into the finer points of the things I wanted to be reminded of to get into. It certainly sucks to be me.

So my work change is going well. I actually made it to work “early” today. I found parking. The only thing I was not truly prepared for was the meter. Ah nice to know how much I put into public works to have money wasted on whatever. You know what I want, Des Moines; City Of? I want my damn roads fixed. I do not care that you have a map where people can click on things. I want the damns things fixed. I mean, there is one on Fleur that could almost eat my entire car up if not careful. How in the world does something like that happen?

It reminds me of… squirrel! So anyway, since I lost that train of thought, my general thought processes seem to have functioned extremely well today. I mean, I only started with two Mt Dew, and am only finishing my third one now. I have not even TOUCHED my fourth one, OR my bag of speed that I bought from magickal (this is not a spelling error) mushroom people that keep telling me their chick is in another crib! How great is that?

Speaking of the glorious Mountains of Green Gold and Plasma substitute, I think there might be a physical dependency on caffeine. I have noticed towards the end part of days, on days I am not working (thus generally not refueling my Adenosine diphosphate nucleotides into their Adenosine-5'-triphosphate coenzymes), the back of my head tells me there is something wrong. Hahaha, yeah... that leaves me wide open. So anyway, my attempt to wean myself from Green God in a Can might have to be postponed (Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savoir and in no way shape or form is the preceding comment any reflection of an alteration of this fact, nor a violation of God Code 1, Thou Shall Not Worship any other Dude but THEE Dude).

Well at any rate... my time is up. Drat, time flies when you are insane and loving it...