March 3rd, 2010

ani-moo cow

I Don't Know

I am dead tired right now. I imagine it is due to the 25 hookers I spent the night with last night. Hmm... oh wait my bad that was not me and most likely someone else. Okay then, I think my second wind is kicking in. It appears to be the same time I get tired and want to pass out on my keyboard, I am not sure. Oh so I guess I am not dead tired I was dead tired.

Oh my word how does strange mutated mall music from Timesplitters find its way into my brain and play over and over again and never stop? It's like, I have not played a Timesplitters game in an extremely long time.

Today's winning lotto number is NEON. Void where void.

One of my all time classic quotes comes from Bugs Bunny. Actually, two of them, to be better specific. The first one comes from "Bugs and Thugs" and the other from "Rabbit Seasoning".

After this JOHD entry posts, and Twitter picks it up, I wonder to myself what Twitter bot will target me next. Seeing as it will only catch 160 characters, minus the madd74 hash, and tiny link to this entry, I had a bad feeling that hooker sex bots are going to attempt to flag me down. Unfortunately, with them following 8,375 people in the span of 10 minutes, and having no one following them, they will get deleted quickly. That is the one thing I truly enjoy about Twitter. It is a technological advance that more should employ. Take MSN (or don't if you dislike spam). I think if a bot has sent the same set of characters X times to X people in X time frame, and a URL is involved, the account should get auto banned, that way it stops spreading like a virus. MSN cares for its IM users about as much as Sony cares for its PS3 users who actually spent shit loads of money on their hardware.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, salsa is still a wonderful food. I'd told you I shoot, but you wouldn't believe me, why wouldn't you believe me? Can't you hear them? Can't you hear the crowd? Oh beloved ice cream bar. How I like to lick your creamy center, and your, oh so nutty, chocolate covering. You are not like the others, you enjoy the same things I do. Wax paper, boiled football leather, dog breath... we're not hitch-hiking anymore, we're riding. I tell you, scripting does not get much more beautiful than that.

Of all the things I have ever lost, your dead corpse I created myself I miss the most. Then I wake up dreaming you are a butterfly. That or a butterfly flapped its wings in one part of the world and a dog broke wind somewhere else. I'd buy that for a dollar, but no more for me, thanks, I'm driving. Would I turn on this gas chamber if my friend was in there?

You might, rabbit, you might.

No spell checkes wur hurt in the making of this post. The English used in this writing was ficticious. Any reference to actual language was unintentional and purely coiencedental. The Animal Humane Society was not consulted. Many animals were harmed from the start of this entry until its end. Forunately, they were all very tasty. Your college GPA must be this high or taller to ride this post.