February 22nd, 2010

ani-madd faces


Well, it was a good run, however I finally FUBAR my attempt to maintain consistency. I think this is where Mr Burke would give me an F and tell me to go F myself. Hmm... no wait, I do not remember that class being that way.

Oh well... I am not going to let the mentality of this slip get to me and defeat the otherwise super purpose of coming back to this medium that I first realized so long ago. Besides, I have one whole person who is happy to see me writing again, and I would not want to let him down, no matter how drunk and sorry he could manage to be in a minute. Oh those funny Germans :D

So I think the bug is stuck where it is. I am projecting, and hoping, for no runny nose because those really bother me. It is bad enough that Boogers™ is living up to his name. Having to do it for my own self. Well, it makes me wish that I was three again. At least I think so. I really cannot remember age three very well. Add to that about 29 other years, of course. I have some mental ramblings that I started a little over a week (maybe two?) ago that I would really like to finish. There is much happiness in completing my thoughts... hmmm good thing that is not all that makes happiness or I would have very little happiness as I tend to put things off a lot.

Quick game of chess? Ug... lost again.