March 14th, 2009


Light Side of the Orb

So, my first official shower after the shave. The few times I have let my hair get to any length (usually no more than two inches or so), it has always felt "strange" the first time I take a shower. Usually, my hair, when let to any length, would manage to get over my ears, so people would see me randomly take my finger to the top of my ear and brash back hair... that was not there.

I really like the feeling of my head (yeah, pervs, feel free to make mental comment). When I am in the shower, and scrubbing down my scalp, it just feels good. If I was a millionaire, I would go to a hair salon every day to have my hair done.

Usually, the other "loose end" after a hair shave is the face, so before I took my shower I was sure to take care of that. Not to brag, lookin' good :D
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