January 10th, 2009

toys: str-dg820

I will name him... later...

So Saturday I bought the

Sony STR-DG820

The key point was the 4 HDMI inputs on the unit. I have been using a Yamaha one for the longest time, and it still works fine, I simply wanted to update to accommodate the HD DVR, PS3, 360, and a few other devices that can use service.

The easy setup was not so easy, however, it turns out that the biggest problem is the 360 Elite HDMI cable does NOT work with the unit. How ironic that the Microsoft 360 cord does not work on the Sony receiver.

The other problem I had is the speaker wires, as usual, are difficult to screw into the system, and have them STAY in the system. The reason for this is just the nature of the game, and I have had this issue with my last one also. I went to run the setup, and the center speaker that HAD been working, was not working. I looked at the connection, three or so times, and was still not able to get it to do what I wanted to. Eh, maybe it was two, I really do not remember. So finally I had it hooked up, and now I no longer have to switch cables to get sound. Once I buy another HDMI cable, I will not have to switch between the 360 and PS3.

For now, the only complaint I have is with, of all things, the 360 (I see a pattern here). While connected via HDMI, I notice while the 360 is just sitting there, making no sound, that that receiver is "waiting" for sound. So when I click on something, the sound is sent to the receiver. This means that very first sound is lost. If I am playing a game or watching a movie that is always making a sound, this is not a problem. When I navigate the different screens on my 360, I notice that "clicking" sound is absent. Now if I hold down left or right, then I do not hear the first one, however, the rest works just fine. I can only hope that this does not play a part in movies or games that have "moments of silence". I will find out.

Another thing, the remote does not appear to be anywhere close to responsive as anything else I have. I was on the couch, and I had to push a few times to get the system to do what I wanted it to do. I could bounce a signal off my wall with the other one.

On the plus side, this is the first time I had something that set the speakers up themselves. There is a mic that you plug into the front, then you place the device where you want sound to focus at (I placed it on top of my head), and then it sent a series of tones from each speaker. Jarin likes that a little too much.

After I play with it for a good while, I will end up posting an actual review on Amazon.