July 4th, 2008

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Slow loading issues with MWF/Media

The following links (including all sub-links) are currently affected by a known problem:This is a continuous intermittent problem that is happening due to a poorly managed mySQL database by my current web hosting provider. You may get any of the following:
  • slow reading/posting
  • 104 error (connection reset by peer)
  • double posting
This has been an ongoing battle that has been happening between my provider (along with many others who use the same provider). The easy step would be to kick them and move to another, however, due to the extremely LOW traffic I now get, and have for some time, there has been little to no need to rush moving things over. Right now I have been more focused on getting other aspects of my website up, operational, or changed. If you are a frequent guest who would like to see change, I suggest any time you experience a problem to reply to this thread. Anonymous posts are allowed only if the person identifies themselves (meaning non-LJ users). If you are a user of the new menu system, you can simply go to http://madd74.com/menu/ and click on "Slow/No Forum at times" and you will be brought to this entry, otherwise feel free to bookmark this entry.