June 29th, 2008

ani-moo cow

Thanks and keep contributing!

There have been a few questions on my last post, of which I am happy to answer to my best ability.

First off, I have an easier link to "remember":


That will redirect you, not to mention, any changes and the like I will be able to address without an address change.

How it works, well, you can visit the site once a day. (more if you want to check updates) Each day a new IP address visits, the population goes up by one. I visit from home, then from a wireless access at work, and my mobile phone, and I get three visits for the day for sure (I cannot access from work as it is classified as games, just like I no longer can access livejournal from work computers as they dome up dating/personals).

What is it all about? The site itself is simply an attempt to get people to visit it. If you loo k, you will notice ads all over (I do not see them all as I have blocks on flash and the like). They want people to click it, and that is how they make money. I do not care about that, and I am not asking anyone to click any other links. So, the site works on the premise that I am going to go out and get people to attempt to click the link and visit their site.

So why do I want to get people to visit? To simply build up my population, is all. Should anyone else decide to build a city, just visit mine and leave me a name of your city and I will visit it each day from my three sources when possible :)