March 31st, 2008

Alex Bruise

In case some have not noticed...

... I read LJ entries about... oh, I think once for all of last year maybe? hAhAhA!! Yeah, so, I am a little out of touch with the Reality of some of the humans and bots out there. I apologize for the inconveinence, as I know a few human's have had massively different life style changes. Heck, it has been the past year+ for life style changes for many, Maddness no exception. In an attempt to combat my otherwise strange problems that I am looking into, I have figured out how to take my friend's page and stick it to a list of active tabs that I have started working on (internet wise) with Raine. I shall see how effective this is... oh, as also, I have changed an email option that allows me (FINALLY) to get pop3 notification from a blocked port (using SSL) so now I *see* when I get emails (some will notice from a time long ago, in a galaxy not covered by this union contract, I was extremely active in LJ... well... needless to say, I had email notifications working), the theroy is, I will better reply... and maybe even, better keep in touch with the humans who are you who are reading this... unless you are a stranger who ran across me looking for porn. Why in the world does that keep happening?