February 9th, 2008


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Well, as some people have fingered out, it appears some entries are showing up, more so than usual. Aye, it is true, I am starting to write. I noticed that a few chats with people that are deep in psychological nature tend to bring the chatterbox part of my programming up to speed. Of course, add to the fact I am testing the Frank bot, who I can send an IM to, and it posts to journal, because as much as I hate technology, I do enjoy using it when it *is* working, which for me is about 2 of 9 tries. So anyone who got the warning, I was going in and changing some setting of which I set my journal status to some-what adult content, since I say fuck, and like to talk about adult things from time to time... or, at least, use to post my life, and at some point, I was doing adult things a lot. So a lot of my journal has this, and I just thought I would add the added security, to let little ruggies know... mommy and daddy may not want you reading about some things in my life. Shit... so thanks to meebo and LJ talk (which by the way, anyone who is my friend if you have a jabber client, you will see me online and can chat that way with me), I communicate a little more than possible. In fact, it should be noted in how I am more updated with my website that, quite possibly, I am keeping in better contact and :gasp: might even start reading my friend entries :D