July 21st, 2007


MW Updates, Poop, Priates

There has been some updates made to my site. The following sub domains are currently active:

http://calendar.madd74.com - (not yet in use, will go to a calendar, including work and related events; right now goes into space)

http://chat.madd74.com - if you have cookies set to remember you on the forums, this will open the chat program (I am going to work to have it have a link to go log in, as right now if you are not it just says "Please login to chat")

http://dl.madd74.com - will eventually go to the file download section of my site, right now goes to the same place media.madd74.com goes

http://forum.madd74.com - goes to my forums... GO THERE AND BE ACTIVE ALREADY :p

http://jarin.madd74.com - currently goes to Jarin's old page, http://madd74.com/littlex/, and shall be used to go to Jarin's web site

http://media.madd74.com - goes to the picture and media forum, http://madd74.com/media/

http://support.madd74.com - goes to the currently used support for my site, even though I plan to update this. Thus, no need to change any bookmarks.

So, feel free to bookmark these. Anyone who got an email about subdomain redirect from support@madd74.com, please note it is the same thing. Hope you all enjoy the changes I am making!
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