June 18th, 2007


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Okay, so, my first Father's Day was rather excellent, despite the extreme lack of humans noting the day to me (this reference is to most of you reading :p)

The actual day started off with me sleeping, hEhEhE!! I went to bed about 2358 the day before (Sat), which is not in the norm for me. So when I woke up, I ended up with about nine hours of sleep, a first for me in a long time. Jen, Jarin, and I spent a little time with aunt Becky before going to Davenport to see my father. Did unfortunately watch the Cubs get handed new ones, over and over, however being a Cubs' fan longer than I have been alive, this is news that rarely disturbs me :D

The trip back home was decent, even though while playing tripytzee on the way back, I ran into some bad luck. We went to Jen's parents, that was fine. We went to Fudruckers to pick up food, since Myles was coming over. Myles came over, and we watched Lone Gunmen. Aye, no more X-Files. Time to hit the spinoff. I did a most excellent job in Wii Bowling, and Jen added to my Father's Day gift list, getting me a 160GB drive. My girlfriend had been extremely wonderful to me this first Father's Day, greatest day of the world (Saturday she had given me my first gift, Live 8).


So while there was not anything extremely out of the ordinary, given time out of town, a drive, and taking others into consideration, a most excellent day.

Thanks for asking! hEhEhE!!

A Year and Some Minutes

Um... yeah, I noticed (finally) that I had a few humans in my list of human friends who had added me. Rest assured, I was not ignoring anyone, and apologize for anyone getting that impression. Of course, any actual friend would then otherwise know me, and wonder what I am doing writing entries and noticing these things in the first place :D

So, I have added humans. With the way things have lately gone on the job scene, I am allowed more time that I otherwise would not have. Oh, no worries, it will most likely be another 93 months before I actually start *reading* other entries, however, let it be known humans are added.

To the few who are still not added, I remember my cleaning post of some time ago (don't ask me to look for it, I have no clue when I wrote it), and remember you'all still off my list simply as non-responsive or non-writative. Feel free to otherwise request, as I have no issues against anyone on my mutual or friend of list!

A good day to you all, unless you prefer not to, in which case, may your day suck arse!!


Grandpa Huetter

July 1st, 1935 - June 18th, 2008

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(pictures from madd74.com/media/thumbnails.php?album=21&page=2)

Now, now, before everyone goes all crazy with how sorry they are, do keep in mind, unless you killed him, there is nothing for you to apologize about :D

At about 2204, I found out that my grandfather (mom) had passed on at 1100. In classic Maddian fashion, I already had two VM from my mother, one from 1405 and another 1903, of which I did not get around checking to. I was telling myself, mother was wishing me a belated Father's Day (first call), then grandpa was in the hospital again. I would later find out the actual issue. At first, I took it... well... I say okay, in that I took a call afterwards. I started to lose after the next call, to the point of breaking down and crying. I composed myself, and took my next call. Someone forgot to pay their bill. After taking care of her, I realized it was time for me to go home.

I was close to Grandpa for some time. That declined as it has with almost all of my family, minus my father, due to everyone being far away from me with little contact. Father would call and keep in contact, making him the exception. Still, there was plenty of time with grandpa. He liked to golf, so I imagine he is golfing with Grandma about now. It is difficult to say, as she might have to wait for him finishing fishing. Of course, being Heaven, I imagine he is doing both at the same time.

Of everyone, I am sure my mother is hit the worse. My heart goes out to her and I ask God to look out after her. Also, my sister appears to have gotten closer to Grandpa of late. When you add the closeness of my family, then you have a large mess of a lot of emotional people who are sad about it.

So, Grandpa, I love you, and am glad God is watching out for you. I am doing much better now, in better spirits even though I have some other issues I am currently dealing with(personal...) It helps to know that he is not suffering anymore. Take care, Grandpa.

-Love, oldest grandson