June 14th, 2007


Six Degrees of the Mt Dew Kingdom

I wanted to share an excerpt from a JOHD entry with everyone, JOHD entry 070610.7x that I am finishing up right now:
Well, we made it home, and not even a minute after Myles was already there. This was excellent timing. We watched the rest of the X-Files. Myles and I are officially done. After years and years of watching the actual seasons, we are done with everything. In fact, records would indicate we went from 1998 to 2007. This is, ironically, nine years, which is how many years the actual show ran (1993-2003). So we would have watched seasons six through nine, then went to DVD to watch them. This also happens to be the week that many shows are showing their season finale. There is only One who could time something so wonderfully, and ironically enough, He is played by Burt Reynolds in “Improbable” (9ABX14), my favorite of all X-Files episodes (maybe tied with “Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'” (3X20)). JOHD, do you see how everything is tying in? How cool is that? Oh yeah, it was seeing this episode that help kick start some of the mental issues I was having with dealing with death, and the evils I had of questioning my own self in that the questions of death could mean that in Reality I was questioning God, while this episode put it all into prospective. It was something that helped me see things a little bit more clear, most likely due to the confusion in my human mind, and my mind’s attempt to use logic on God the same way I might everything else. This is not something that is possible, so when my brain starts to do it, well, things go wrong. It is okay to apply logic to some of the things that have happened that are in relationship to God, however, that is not what I was doing. Well, needless to say, this all was dealing with the Six degrees of separation. Linking with God directly is pretty much well a given, so this puts it on more of a mortal scale.

The problem with sending this is that I was originally doing this yesterday, Wednesday, before leaving work and due to calls, was unable to finish. Just wanted to give some random reading into the continued existence of my world.