May 23rd, 2007


Living With Jarin

Jarin... my baby boy. It still has yet to kick me, like 45 some minutes before he was born and I about had a panic attack. Living with a little one has been rather easy for me. Yes, I do get up a lot earlier than ever, and pretty much all of what I use to do is no longer what I do. However, getting up is good, I have grown to it rather well. Sure, crying at 0300 can hit me at that time, and I would prefer it not to happen, however, my body is doing a lot better than I would have expected. See, I pretty much figured that after my college days of many 3 hours of sleep, that I had made my body useless with no sleep. I get less sleep than I use to, since Jen leaves for work and I am left with Jarin, many times crabby. Still, it all is good!

However, at this point, I feel I still have it easy. I am on more an automated mode. Give Jarin nap, feed Jarin, change diaper a few times, check to see what in the world that horrid smell is (see previous for solution), prepare Jarin for babysitter, go to work, and then my life is pretty much the way it has been... me listening to Qwest customers being idiots. It is easy because I set Jarin down, and he stays there. Well... pretty much. Earlier today, he actually had a giggle fest with me, and talk about putting a huge smile on my face, and then some.

So some day, Jarin will be mobile. Things will be more interesting then. For now, I will be happy with my ability to catch up with things I would rather be doing at work on my laptop, and catching up on shows since my bedtime is about 0200, give or take some minutes.

Jarin still screams, 98% of the time, as if I cut his foot off, when I take his bottle away from him. This is usually because it is time for him to burp, or he ate all of his food. To date, I think I only have had three times when I personally was feeding him, and the bottle came out, and no crying followed. Of those times, only once do I believe he was not hungry... the others attributed to him being beyond tired.

It is nice that he is now interactive. He follows things... which is almost a bad thing, in that already when I feed him on the couch, he turns his head to watch TV, and of late I put a blanket up to prevent him from seeing it. His first giggle was Saturday morning, and of late he has increased. So that is most excellent.

I believe I have only had three instances where I was unable to handle him. Jen has had more, however in her defense it is not as much "him" as much as her being beyond her wits (meaning that she starts to break down at 0300 in the morning when he is screaming at the top of his head, and Jen just wants to sleep). On that same instance, I pretty much well was in the same boat. One time I was wore out from arguing with Jen, another time Jen was out somewhere and daddy wanted to take a nap and someone wanted to cry, and another time daddy wanted Jarin to sleep, and it was over an hour of pure "total awake", which was more than I was able to deal with at the time. I think my record is rather impressive for your average human in that department. Of course, some might argue otherwise.

I would say that my saving grace with dealing with one so young and needy is logic. It is embedded in my mind that Jarin is going to cry. A crying baby upsets many parents. It very rarely gets to me, and it is not because I am a cold and uncaring parent, it is because from a logical standpoint, I know that baby's cry. That is all they know how to do at first. This is their only form of communication. Well, wait, I guess they have a few other, of which Jarin loves to utilize, some times so well and often that we check the diaper to make sure there was no present left. Anyway, he cries, because something is up. It is also my belief that his metabolism is extremely high. This explains why he is so hungry, some times often, and yet gains little weight for his percentile. Well, the same principle that makes me not miss people (usually), and gives me that... different persona, plays a part in what my brain translates for Jarin and his crying. Of course, I am human, so at times logic is replaced with some form of emotion (or fatigue). It happens... and I have not attempted to kill anyone yet, so it is all good!

I have noticed definite changed in the way I am since Jarin is born. It took me two shots and about eight seconds to already have his SSN memorized. There are other bits of information that seem to be retained more so than usual. True, there are still things here or there that get lost (like looking for my socks for seven minutes that were on the kitchen counter). However, things seem better. I also appear to be more motivated to do things, even though this took a while. The first few things I did after coming home from the hospital was play CivIII for a large part of my day, since Jarin was sleeping or sucking on something a lot more back then. I have cleaned a bunch of things up, and of late, I have been catching up on financial data. I am still looking for more motivation, and hope as time goes on and he gets older, that it will increase. Of course, as many of you know, I have hoped for an increase with many things I have acquired (computer, PDA, super phones, etc). On a positive note, I have yet to make it to my desk late, something that I almost always did before.

As a reminder, anyone can check out Jarin information at You can sign up for email updates when they happen. I shall also start posting updates here, including new media uploads (pictures and video). Stay tuned for the upcoming "Living With Jen"! :D