January 25th, 2007


Puppy Auction

Madd's Log, Maddate 070124.37:
-0000,return JAMAH
-DVR TV: Daily Show \ Colbert Report
-not ready for bed: minus little X
-little X play list: ??? \ Just a Friend
-fight alarm
-FFXI/pc: auction manipulation
-ready for day
-1230,work: no parking \ missed 30 min OT
-2100,return JAMAH
-cholesterol results: all three bad
-Wii Sports/wi
-Zelda/wi: disc toy
-sing Devil Went Down to Jamaica: total request!
-sing Happiest Days \ Another Brick
-delayed JOHD entry

So, yeah, the last entry was slightly delayed, however, leave it to pusher Jen to ensure that I got it taken care of, hEhEhE!!  I am happy she did as I was getting tired and really not much for anything after watching a little TV.  Once again, I cannot, for the life of me, remember a song I played for little X.  Oh well, I will catch up to all of this sooner or later... or way later.

Fighting the alarm, the lost art which I am still proficient at doing.  I decided to take a new route with FFXI, or at least do something different.  I am to the point where I either buy items that are stacked, and sell them as single pieces, or I buy single pieces, and sell them as a stack.  I am going to hope this gets me some money, as I am otherwise one of the poorest characters who actually knows how to play the game {sigh}.

I went to work, a little early, at least enough to find a spot to park by the hospital, and run my ass all the way to work.  Mair was wondering the reason “my nose was breathing loud”, hEhEhE!!  Well, it also turned out that I had 30 min of OT, that I thought I had next week, however I had it this week.  Oh what fun it is to be me.  I have a bad feeling about OT, I just do, since I tend to forget things.  I wonder if I can get them to get schedules on-line as they have other things.

FFV was fun.  I found out that I have been at the end level for some time now, just right around the corner.  I decided to be evil (so I thought) by switching everyone to a mime.  Then I put dualcast as one of my abilities.  Then, I double cast meteor, and I mimicked it!  Sounds like absolute destruction, right?  Well... it turns out, unrealized to Madd, that when you mimic something of magic, you use MP.  Well, this meant by the time I got to the end of battle, I was out of juice.  I had no way to use items, due to the mime configuration, so I could not get MP to the crew.  I was not set up for physical attacks, and he kept stoning and killing my people in one shot (cheap bastard).  Oh well, I know how to correct that problem.

So more fun on the CRS staff.  There was this dead point of no work, then from no where I had a bunch of work to do.  That sucked, and it bummed me out a little that I had work left over.  At least I was not goofing off or anything of that nature.  Hopefully the numbers ended up reflecting this as well.

Well, I got home and finished all my Wii games before the bar.  My lab results came back, and it appears bad cholesterol has found me again.  This time I was at 225, so not as bad as the first time I was checked... by 2.  However, my good, HDL, was at 32 (instead of 40), my TRI was high, at 216, and my LDL high at 150, problems I did not have last time.  This must be an age thing, for while I have fallen to fast food, I still have decent things here and there.  Before, I use to live on nothing but fast and junk food, yet I made the others close enough.  Guess this means yet another change to diet.

Well, Zelda came with a cool new toy.  It is some disc thing that you ride like a top.  It goes over sand, and it also can do a spin attack that hits enemies.  It can grab onto rails and ride up them.  This is a cool new toy to the Zelda series, and it looks like a load of fun.

Jen decided to stay with me for BJ.  I wanted to get my entry done for the day so I did not put in a ticket.  Despite this, a request to come up and sing happened.  That was odd.  It turned out that the DJ wanted me to sing for the crowd, as they were rather big compared to usual.  I seem to do that better when I am ready for it... and slightly drunk. 

Jen thinking she is not “needed” after birth.  If she is not needed after birth, that would make me... not needed at all.  At least, that was my debate to her.  Of late her feelings are in the lower area, which is unfortunate.  There are some things I could do to add to it, whether how practical or how long they last are unknown.  It is unfortunate, and I wish there was something simply that I could do for her.  Marrying her or buying her a puppy are most definitely not in the simple department.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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