January 22nd, 2007

ATHF Mc Peepee

Krug's Ice Cream Stand

Madd's Log, Maddate 070121.77:
-0000,return JAMAH
-FFXI/360: connection problem
-Bomberman/wi: w/ Jen/O
-mouse trap
-ready for bed
-little X play list: ??? \ ???
-birth class cancelled
-Wendy's: Jen/O treat
-Wal-Mart: HD air antenna \ food
-return JAMAH
-the beauty of HD
-Fleur Cinema: meet Myles, Mary
-movie: Pans Labyrinth
-return JAMAH
-X-Myles: Lord of the Flies
-Jen/O lonely in the big home
-over to Skinner: Wiimote collection complete!
-DVD TV: Firefly
-DVD movie: Trainspotting

So after work, I went home.  Jen was out, enough to wake up dead things with her noisy sleep, hEhEhE!  I used this time to take care of some gaming.  FFXI was being a massive companion.  I got kicked off so many times that I just up and stopped playing.  Thank goodness I was not in a party.  I spent most of the night on Lumines.  I was attempting to get the high score achievement for single lap in skin edit mode.  I did not ever get it.

Well, Jen woke from her passed out nap, and we ended up playing some Bomberman.  While she took a few rounds, I, of course, won the war.  I still have a tendency to blow myself up.  It is a nasty habit I would rather save for the bathroom.  We also played Rayman for the first time, despite having it in our possession since Dusty left it on New Years.  It is... a different game, that is for sure.  I think it got to Jen after some time, so I do not imagine ever owning it, since I would be more inclined to play it with her.

Well, the mouse who has been terrorizing the house, and avoiding the live traps, was finally caught!  See, for some time, I would stock the trap with Doritos.  I was wondering what was happening the first time I used the trap (which I bought on the 7th) since it had been there for a while, and nothing seemed to be happening.  Well, it turned out when I checked the trap, the food was gone.  This would happen a few more times, to my frustration.  It is suppose to be a pressure activated, when they step on the plate, the door goes down.  Well, I started to wonder if this was the mouse from Mousehunt... until now when the trap finally boxed him in.  Score one for the house!

Little X, I apologize for once again not remember what I played for you, however, at least know I did play two songs for you, as I realize how important these times are for you, my baby.  So young and... not born.

Jen pounced on me, attempting to get me up.  I strictly believe, unless actual committed plans, that there is no reason to be up before noon.  I am very strict in that thought, hEhEhE!  So after a small little nap, I got up to look for a new home for our unwanted guest.  Enter dITZ present, the former home of Xavier.  Well, he was long gone, so, I decided to put it in good use for now.  It is not like I am going to keep it forever.  One might think differently with Jen, however, the way she wants to do all of these things for it.

We went out to eat, and Jen bought... with my money, hEhEhE!!  She has come to the tab like dITZ use to when she lived with me.  That was some good eats, also.  I like the fact I can get chili in place of my fries.  From there it was to Wal-Mart, where I would pick up some rabbit ears for HDTV.  How strange, that I have all this high tech equipment at my place, and here I am, buying an archaic device, at least, for the place in question.  However, when I took it home and finally figured out how to get it to work... my word, it is so beautiful.  This coming super bowl is going to be great!

So we ended up at Fleur cinema to meet Myles and Mary for the movie.  I did not have any clue what I was watching, other than gory.  I asked multiple times that I did not want to know anything about it at all.  Jen thought it was strange that I would not know anything of a movie, not even previews, and would want to see it.  That is what happens when your best friend is Myles, you some times see movies you have nodda-o-clue of.

So, Pans Labyrinth, is your basic fairy tale, only, it is one of the only fairy tales I know that are rated R and geared solely for the amusement and enjoyment of adults.  It is in Spanish, meaning that this would be the second movie in a row that Myles has taken me to that I had to read.  Both movies were enjoyable.  As for very gory, for a fairy tale, very much so, as for a movie in general, no, I do not agree.  There were a few spots that were “ew, wow” and “ew, neat”, however not a gory movie.  Someone with an issue with seeing blood on the big screen would not like parts of this movie.  I enjoyed it, very much so.  I hope it comes out with a dubbed version on DVD, uncut.  I know what you are thinking, JOHD, Madd saying he wants an American dubbed version is like saying I want full screen over widescreen.  Well, the only reason, is as Spark says it, “I don’t want to read my movie”, something that is always brought up when he thinks Passion of Christ.  I would like him to see this, and do not think he would enjoy it if it was not dubbed.  I always go for non-dubbed, simply because like letterbox, that is the way the director wants it, and that is the only way to enjoy it... unless I am not able to read, hEhEhE!!

This X-Files episode was one that I remembered very well.  I wonder if the fact it had the main character based in the Syd Barret world?  hEhEhE!!  Myles seems to think so, for he did not remember a lot of it, however when it got to that part, he reference his understanding of my remembrance of it.

Well, after Myles left, Jen and I had a chat.  She is was upset and alone, and was going on about a puppy.  She feels if we had a puppy, she would not be alone, because a kid is not going to be able to be interacted with much (putting back into what you give, the thing ironically enough most males feel, when they want their infant to be born toddlers).  It... wore on me, a bit, that she was so upset.  The reason here is that similar to the little girl who wants a pony or toy or something, so she goes off crying or throwing a fit.  In this instance, Jen at least was not throwing a fit.  She was sad, and it was genuine this time, not play as we have before.

Well, as I was leaving, I started to get down.  Some of it was the fact Jen was sad, and when she gets depressed or sad about things, then I pick up on it.  This is the same thing when someone I care for is a way I end up being similar.  I pick up on it and start being like it.  Just like I am not an angry human, yet when Jen gets worked up and angry, I find myself reflecting of that nature.  Her sadness is no exception.  So as I was driving, it did hit me hard, that Jen is pregnant, and she is overly emotional.  I realize that she can get alone, and it is strange that she goes through the exact opposite that I do.  She gets all this time alone at home, and I do not get time alone, and I want to be alone /T, and she does not.  She is use to being around humans, and I am use to being by myself.  This makes it an extremely difficult transition for both of us, especially her in her short circuiting body.  I do not think this is anything she will ever let go of.  I do not think it is possible for her in her current situation... pregnant carrying my child.

Once again, I find myself not getting to exactly where I want to when it comes to the world of Grand and 42nd.  I either turn one time too soon, or I miss a house by one.  Well, this time it was miss a house by one.  The trip was worth it, however, as I felt like Link looking for masks or artifacts.  I had my fourth and final Wiimote!  My collection is complete.  While I only have two nunchuck, that is all I think I require for play, as I would just want it for boxing.

I got to Spark’s place.  He was able to easily make it into our third installment of Firefly.  Of late, it has been a short night, so I have not had a chance to do back to back episodes.  His choice was Trainspotting, uncut.  I have come to the conclusion that in order to really get this movie, that I am going to require having captions turned on, for I otherwise have problems following the story.  Sparky could not watch the part with the dead baby.  When that part came up, I was a bit freaked out myself.  Of course, my mind still gets blown when it comes to the baby on the ceiling, as that is just messed up.  I get chills, they’re multiplying, it’s electricifying!  Oh, wrong movie.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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