January 19th, 2007

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Spinal Fone Tap

Madd's Log, Maddate 070118.48:
-sing Comfortably Numb
-sing Hey You: request
-safe ride home
-DVD TV: House (almost x2, passed out)
-not ready for bed: minus little X
-little X play list: ??? / ???
-Wii Sports/wi
-1530,work: a parking space and no OT!
-TXT Jen/O: camera config to laptop \ cancer space alien searching program setup
-pop Chrissy: tapping into phone calls
-lunch: Jen/O arrives (already had food) \ caffeine
-Stingray: emulator time aside

Hey!  JOHD, I think I might be drunk, really, I do think this is a possibility.  Thank goodness I am driving home.  Oh, wait, I am not, hAhAhA!!  Thank goodness that I am not, as I am drunk.  Oh yeah, I guess you want a Maddian scale.  I would say 4, just to how my body is reacting to the reaction of Newton’s third law.  I am cold also, it might help to put a coat on. 

There was a girl there, not sure if she worked there or not, and I do not remember her name.  She had been around some time in November or so, and came in on her birthday, totally drunk off her brainpan.  I had approached her and asked if she had a birthday in November or so.  Yeah, she does not really remember BJ much, hEhEhE!!  She mentioned something about sky diving and the like.  There was some other conversation, however, do not remember.  It was just bothering me that the face looked familiar and I was sure I had seen her before.  Thank goodness I am not losing my mind, and just not that drunk where I think I ran across people who I have not.

As I was drinking, and not writing anymore since the battery was close to drained, someone came up, who I guess knew me.  Black guy, younger than me, I think, possibly one of the DJ or something of old.  He wanted me to sing Hey You, as he apparently enjoys me singing it.  The cab was already called, and I was able to get the song in time for cornflakes!

So I got in the cab, and I was feeling rather drunk at this point.  The cab driver was some guy who calls into loser 103.3 and does things, similar to what Sparky does with KGGO.  He has heard of Sparky.  Well, I have not heard of him.  However, he was a comical ride, so he got his $5.

Well, Jen and I cuddled up and watched House.  For once, I was not able to make it through House.  After about the half way mark of Mob Rules, I do believe I left this plane of existence, and next thing I knew, Jen was taking me for bed.  I did not get ready for bed, and unfortunately I do not remember the two songs I played for X.  At least little X remembers.

I got a parking spot AND no OT to boot, how great is that?  So I got to do CRS.  Whoever did this before I took over appeared to do no work whatsoever.  So in five hours, no escalations or credits were done, and a handful of web and failed tickets.  My word, when I zone out on my DS I do not work that bad.  This meant that I would not have any spare or free time.

Jen had TXT a few things.  First she wanted help getting the pictures she keeps taking with my camera to her computer.  At first I said she was out of luck, until she said something about USB.  I so totally forgot the fact my camera can connect via USB, because I use the memory cards.  So I guess I will have that to setup.  Also, she was given a link to a program that does calculations when your computer is idle, similar to that alien finding program, only this is for disease, like cancer and the like, or something like that.  Something else for me to play with.  Computers are going to have to be formatted before that happens.

Chrissy sent me a note, asking about if it is possible for me to hear into another human's phone conversation.  The way she first went on I was thinking she wanted me to check in on someone for her.  It turned out that a friend of hers had a boyfriend who was listening to her conversation.  Glad I use a mobile phone.

Today, for some reason, I am actually realizing that I am enjoying coming to work.  This is not because I am “escaping” Jen, either.  I think the “job change” played a good part in this.  Angie/Q is more enjoyable to be around, and of course, there is the every popular Mair.  hEhEhE!!  I enjoyed listening to her tell a customer that she was not in Iowa, she was in Arizona.  Listening to her getting escalated can be a real treat /T.  It could also be due to the fact that things are going well with jen and I.  There has not been a massive fight, because those can really wear me down.  So it could just be little bits of lots of things.  I hope it keeps going.

Stingray had sent me a myspace note.  Myspace sucks ass so much, I truly wish people would use other things, like my web site, msn spaces, smoke signals, to group up and find each other as opposed to that chunk of shit.  Of course, thanks to it, I have come across a few humans.  Also, thanks to that, Stingray and I are going to get some gaming going on.  As I noted to you on INSERT MADDATE HERE, I was able to FINALLY get my network to communicate with the outside world, and this will be one of the highest uses I can think of it.

One of the notes he made was how if I can make time for my games, that I should be able to put some time into this.  You know, I find that funny, and for once, I am flattered.  I guess, in this case, it shows a dedication to want to do something as opposed to just sitting around.  Good thing he gave me a push.  It is strange I did not react adversely to it.  Maybe I respect him just that much more than your average human.  He has done a lot for me.  I will not ever forget his promise to a totally drunk and passed out Madd that he kept when he could have let it go.  I am glad some humans treat me the way I would otherwise want to be treated.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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