January 10th, 2007


Hail Hitler

-return JAMAH
-DVD movie: House (x2)
-ready for bed
-little X play list: Four Warriors of Dawn \ Comfortably Numb (GoM)
-fight alarm
-not ready for day: minus food
-Wii Sports/wi
-1330,work: 2 HR OT \ expensive parking \ speed trap safety \ near miss accident
-Alex parking plugging fun
-training for CRS
-new office rules... Again
-lunch: Jen/O

So, from work I went to Tanner's, and I got to do so without staying forever after with a customer.  This also notes the first time, I think, well, at least in an extremely long time, that I got an entry out to the world at the actual turn of the day.

Tanner's was dead.  I used this time to get some FFV done, and I got the fourth tab and the three new job classes.  Joe was extra nice to me, with three shots instead of my two.  Yes, JOHD, I know, female Joe's are Jo, still, what is done is done.

So after the bar I went home.  Jen and I ended up watching the difficult to find first season of House.  I had seen the second episode before, however as expected, did not see the pilot.

Got ready for bed, which included a play list for little X.  I very much think he was sleeping through most of it.  Little X, if you are a female and reading this, my apologies!

So I did fight the alarm, a little.  Well, I fought it long enough that if I was going to do everything else I was going to miss my shower.  FFXI was the same, though in Lumines I beat my high score for minute time.  Bomberman went better with me getting kick power, I think I raised my Wii Sports age, and in Zelda, while not moving forwards, I did move sideways.  I did not go any further in the temple, I did get another heart piece.

So, on my way to work, there was slow traffic in front of me.  It is a good thing, for the first time I saw a cop just sitting there, hoping to gun someone.  Thank you God!

I had thought ahead about the stupid road construction, however this did not mean that I was any smarter for wear.  I was turning on Locus, to my right, while I was on 15th, however I was in the left lane, and the car to the right of me, you know, the direction I was going, was going straight.  Once again, thank you God.  Also thank you for equipping me with a 0 to 60 in 5.4 second vehicle that was able to zoom past, wake up, and most like piss off, this human.  Thank goodness, and God, that I pay attention to things, even when I screw up.  So Madd, for the record, the left lane of a one way street is not a turning lane for a right turn.

So shortly after work, I was pulled for some CRS training.  This is where failed tickets, web tickets, credit, and escalations are taken.  During this nice 2+ hour of training, I got to plug the meter once, as well as seeing Monica/Q as I went to move Alex the second time out.  She wanted to hitch a ride, as she was on break.  She thought she was going to smoke in Alex.  Oh yeah right, think again.

Well, it turns out the office has been setting meetings for new office policies.  It deals on the line of no food, books, magazines, computers, breathing, clothing, and about anything else in the world.  Oh yes, no runs to vehicles, and I cannot help but wonder, when are we going to start giving a special salute, and wear a special "S" patch on our arm?

So work went well, and I think some of it dealt with the crack shots we were making at all the new stupid rules.  Jen showed up for lunch, and it seems there is some slightly disturbing news.  It appears someone got into her car and took some change, and attempted to open the garage door.  Thankfully, the door is not operating properly, so it would seem that they did not get in.  I will know when I check when I get home this waking night.  I think it is time to kill the feed to the outside button.

Oh yeah, for some reason Jen does not seem to think that the past entries have been uplifting.  I am not sure exactly where she gets this, I wonder if she is reading the right journal?  hEhEhE!!

I enjoy looking like Jesus, I thought I would inform you of that.  I do not enjoy feeling like I am unable to breath.  My nose some times feels totally plugged up, and it really sucks, and I really do not like it.  I guess it is yet another thing to bring up to the doctor to see if there is anything that can be done.

So the day went well.  God looked over me, and that is always a plus.  He could have up and not protected me, however, I feel He did, and with how things have been in my mind of late regarding death, well... I think it is not necessary to talk about the greatness of the Lord.  Still nice to say.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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