January 7th, 2007


Angry Rose Eating Dollar

Madd's Log, Maddate 070106.67
-0005,return JAMAH
-DVD movie: Firefly (x5)
-ready for bed
-little X play list: Roses \ Angry Boy Polka
-ready for day: minus shower
-DVD movie: Firefly (final)
-Kid’s R Us
-FFV/gba: money kills
-return JAMAH
-FFXI/360: no luck \ disconnect x2
-Wii Sports/wi
-Next Tetris: w/ Jen/O \ 14 to 10!
-DVR TV: House (x2)

So I got to leave work a little late, because some managers do not know how to shut off the queue.  I returned home and did a long run of five Firefly episodes with Jen, of which she made it through all except the last one we watched.  I so really love the dialect of Firefly.  They have a certain way they talk, and they do an excellent job of keeping it.  It is similar to how a British show use dialect.  It is so sad they only had one season.  It is also sad that even if the popularity brought the show back, unless they brought it in before the movie and after the series, it would be near difficult to pull off a successful series.  Oh, and my extremely long search on IMDB shows nothing attempting to sneak up either.  Well it was an extremely long running, five episodes, however it seemed like a lot less.  Jen still did not make it to the fifth showing.

So we got ready for bed, and I played some music for little X.  I thought it time that the little one get experienced to Weird Al.  I am really happy that I had thought, some time ago, to do something like this.  I am sad that I procrastinate and did not get things done for the little one sooner, however, that is just the way I tend to be, it would seem.

So, after sleeping and coming downstairs, I had Jen watch the episode of Firefly she slept to, as I chatted with you a bit.  Then, when she was done with that, I came in to watch the final episode with her.  {sigh} It was sad that it had come to an end, however, everything eventually will.  It seemed strange the way the series ended, and then I realized, that Fox was the one to have them aired, and they had them out of order.  I really wish the networks would leave great programming alone (Eureka) and let the director do what he or she is set to do... entertain us.

Well, from that, we went out to Kid’s R Us.  Jen had been wanting to do some crib shopping for some time.  She realizes this place would be expensive, however she is like me in wanting to see the merchandise up front.  Her paranoia skills came into play when she examined the cribs that had the detaching rails.  They shake a little, and that freaks her out.  However, finding a crib that is a full crib that does not transform into something is next to impossible in a store.  Every time we kept talking about it, I kept thinking of Randal’s quote, “Does a machine gotta transform into some giant fuckin’ robot before you’ll take it seriously?”  How easily the mind wanders... er, well, mine at least.

Well, from there we went to K’s.  There was not much left there.  Most of the stuff had been cleared out, even though some stuff remained... mostly crazy shit, like $15K rugs that had been dropped down to a while $4K.  What a great deal that is!  Yeah, well, I do not see any rug being worth that much money, unless it was made by some famous person who made the design, while he had little eight year olds nit it by hand, and he himself raped and murdered a bunch of people on it, which a video was made and put on the internet.  Even then... I doubt I would pay $2K for a rug in that situation.

So we went to eat from there, and from there home.  I worked on attempting to get that stupid NY festival to work, of which I was not successful.  I also finally got to play something more than a one minute rush on Lumines.  Jen had passed out while I had been playing FFXI, and she woke up in the ending of Lumines, of which she was slightly crabby about, saying the reason she was asleep was because she was waiting for me, or something on those lines.  Still, things between us remained well, and that is what I am most happy about, because I know the new year has not started off the best.  I quickly finished up my other games, so we could get to Tetris and House.

Tetris, by the way, was me all the way, even being two levels higher than her, hEhEhE!!  Oh, she puts up a good fight, I can tell you that.  Still, I put the bitch in her place where she belongs :p  From that, the rest of the night was House, and they were good episodes.  As we were watching, I kept thinking about the fact that in watching this, what it might do to actually buying the DVD.  Granted, it would be as most things, starting out at the first season, of which they are not even airing.  Everything appears to be season three (obviously) and two.  We will finally have some new seasons this Tuesday.

One thing that both Firefly and House have done, is brought Jen and myself closer together.  I am sure that on her side this really is not the case, seeing as how she is and her feelings that have been for me.  As for me, however, in wondering about things that we have in common, watching these shows is something we have in common.  Yes, Tetris does this also, however, Tetris is one aspect of an extremely larger light.  House, Firefly, Eureka, and who knows what else, is a growing experience that both of us can relate to.  I can make House jokes (and usually do), outside of home (no pun intended, JOHD, honestly).  We both get it, we both laugh, we both relate.  That is one of the largest problems I have had with the relationship between and myself, other than the obvious two things.  Oh yeah, Firefly is a canceled Fox show that had acquired massive fan support.  House is another Fox show, so who knows how long it will last.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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