January 5th, 2007


Cheese and Whine Taker

-sing Down With the Sickness: some dick cheese for girlfriend, hehehe
-called Spark
-return JAMAH
-DVD movie: Firefly (x2)
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-Wii Sports/wi
-1330,work: 2 HR OT \ 3 min late OT \ partial free parking
-laptop hunt down
-caffeine stealer
-lunch: Jen/O

So, because I knew Jen likes Richard Cheese, I decided to dedicate some “dick cheese” to her, hEhEhE!!  That was fun, and we did not end up staying too long.  Jen wanted to go, and I had taken care of things on my end, and was hungry as hungry does, so we decided to go to Perkin’s.

The most unusual of twists happened.  I ended up calling Spark, and I did so drunk, pretty decently.  I easily could have been more drunk.  Spark had called a few days back, and I did not ever get back to him, at least, I think that was the reason I called him.  hEhEhE!  Damn, I... really... am not sure what it was I talked to him about.  I know he had called me and left me a message, however I specifically remember him calling about the time he “hung up” when he was drunk off his ass and said he did not get invited to any house parties.  I remember having a chat with him at home when every other word was “fuck” or “fuckin’” because he was upset he had hung up on me that night.  Oh yeah, the irony is that both Spark and Jen remember the fact he hung up on me, and I just simply remember that the call ended, as if we were done talking.  How strange is that?  Anyway... now that I think about it... I might ask him what exactly we talked about, hEhEhE!!

So from Perkin’s we went home, and I so was loving that food I picked up.  We watched two more episodes of Firefly, and both of us were tired, even though I might have beaten her in that department, hEhEhE!!  Unfortunately, in going to bed and crashing, I did not prepare at all for bed, including nothing for little X :(

I want to note, that when I woke up and ended up getting off, that I was not even horny.  I am not sure at all the reason I wanted to do it.  It might be habit?  I am not sure, I only know that practice really does make perfect.

So, after readifying myself for going to work, early, I drove, and was unhappy that the road I use to get to work was blocked by a cop as they continue to do building work.  It is really going beyond irritation.  Well, after being at work for some time, I got docked for being late for OT.  They marked me for 20 minutes, like they often do, even though the mark for that time was done while I had already BEEN online.  That irritates me, a lot.

Speaking of irritation, it would seem that due to the busy season, they are cracking down on laptop use.  So I had a talk... or two... or more, about my laptop, which of course, I partially ignored.  I did so in the fact if we are busy, I understand, and it makes sense.  However, if we are waiting many between calls, then fuck off and leave me the fuck alone to do whatever it is I want to do.  The customers are already making this a bad place to be, and the management is not helping at all.  It reminds me of that picture of a double story outhouse, with the bottom one labeled something like “employee” and the top “management”.  They want to attempt to say that we would not be so busy if we were paying 100% attention to the job, which of course lead me to send our top cheese a pissy email about hiring more people, and to not shift blame as they like to do so often.  I mean, without my laptop, how am I suppose to surf online to find a new job?

Oh yeah, another outrage that boiled my bottom was that my Dew, which I had in the fridge for no more than an hour, was stolen.  As I know things get stolen, I had left a little present that anyone who does not make out with me would most likely no appreciate, so I hope for their sake that they washed it, even though when I leave the note on the fridge about it, I will hope they do not.  I am tired of this petty shit people pull, taking things that are not of their own.  I had my name, in BIG FREAKING LETTERS, as well as the date.  I guess someone thought that meant that it was fresh.  Well, I am going to start leaving some fresh things in the fridge here pretty soon.

Jen stopped in for lunch.  I finally got something original, haha!  It was spaghetti, and Jen did not think much of it, even though I enjoyed it rather much.  She played tripYzee... without me.  I once again am reminded how if I do things like that, she gets aggravated at me, a lot.  Oh well.  She was not able to touch my high score, and I will ensure she never does, because I am that damn good!

The queue was on-off for most of the day.  It seems that being busy is starting to form a pattern on certain parts of the day.  At this least time we not in constant queue for all of the last running hour.  It was only around thirty percent or so.  It is still getting old, and I am getting frustrated about it.  I know a lot of this deals with my thoughts on hiring more humans, as opposed to attempting to just force max OT.  Still, the day was okay minus my paycheck attempting to ruin it for me.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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