January 4th, 2007


Dude I So Fucked Your Mother

Madd's Log, Maddate 070103.38:
-0005,return JAMAH
-DVD movie: Firefly (x3)
-ready for bed: Eureka, Popcorn little X playlist
-0900,fight alarm
-ready for morning
-FFXI/360: connection problem
-Wii Sports/wi
-Zelda/wi: star game finally won \ prayers answered
-1030,work: 2 HR OT \ expensive parking
-New Year queue: bad queue day
-out with Swanson
-move Alex
-Raine: PPC research
-lunch: Jen/O \ BK w/ caffeine \ TripYzee cheating!
-2100,return JAMAH \ Jen/O not ready :’(
-BJ: w/ Jen
-sing Dare to be Stupid
-sing Comfortably Numb: card taken, hehehe
-sing Rock the Casbah

So, I was late at work, dealing with psycho crazy bitch woman.  I drove home, did my best not to cry, and while it was not my best, it was damn good, because I did not actual cry.  I got home, and I sat there, in my garage, feeling like a slave to my own soul.  I got inside, and twitted things around a bit.  I asked Jen if she wanted to watch Firefly.  We ended up putting in Firefly.

Some notes on the DVD, and of course, events that perspired through skin follicles.  I saw Serenity thanks to a sci-fi movie that looked good to Myles, and he wanted to see it.  This is also how I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and... well, a long list of a few million movies.  Anyway, because I saw the movie, and because the DVD complete set was a steal at $20, plus tax, buy some M&M to use coupons, I bought it.  Well, I watched it.  Serenity, the pilot to Firefly, is a two part.  It does start out slow, however, you have a lot of character development that is required in order to propagate your series.  We ended up watching three episodes, and I was crazing a lot.  Not only was I crazing many more episodes, the aura that was surrounding me had almost flipped over and changed.  I was twanged up with Jen, and I definitely did not feel anywhere close to how I did the day before.  How crazy and strange was that.  I mean, I almost wanted life to go away, and here I was, playing with my baby, and playing with my girlfriend.  Damn, Firefly is a kick ass damn great beyond awesome series, hEhEhE!!  Actually, Jen and I both verbally expressed our extremely pleased reaction to Firefly.  You know... I think I like this more than... (shh) [super small text not see-able font]house[/font].  To think, we only got to see three episodes.  Of course, I saw the movie, so I was able to relate to many things.  This really makes me sad that I saw the movie before the series.  Yes, I enjoy this more than Eureka also.  JOHD, do your best not to tell anyone, since I know you do not talk much to many.

So, after that, we got ready for bed.  I have decided that for now, part of me getting ready for bed is playing music for little X.  I had worked hard the day before getting music uploaded to Dr Lungae, so that I could start playing music for little X.  I have a large variety of music for the little one to hear, even though a bigger portion is video game related.  I just happen to have more video game MP3 in general.  So I put the phone on Jen’s belly and played some music.

It was really nice, if not strange, how I felt when I was watching TV with Jen.  This is not because it is a strange occurrence, it is just how both of us felt the day before, especially me.  I mean, life sucked and I just wanted a ticket out, and here I am, happy and content (whatever that makes), watching TV and playing with my baby.  I cannot help but think that some of what Jen experiences is passing on to me, similar to how really close female friends can end up on the same menstrual cycle, or how I use to acquire strange “sympathy” pains when close friends got hurt.  For I otherwise feel fine about our relationship, and have no issues with it.

I fought the alarm a little, which is no surprise.  I had problems connecting to FFXI, so I played everything else.  I finally beat that stupid star game, giving me more arrows, and my “praying” paid off in the form of a heart container.  I decided I would do FFXI at the bar.

Well, anyway, it really sucked that I was off the Monday because it meant they could jack me up with 2 HR of OT, hence the reason I am up so damn early.  Add to the fact the parking was the expensive spots, and that lead to unhappiness.  The day itself sucked in the fact that through most of it, we were busy in queue.  So it is like ten hours of constant stupid customers.  Most were stupid, hence the reason they are calling me.  I mean, when an entire place gets knocked out of power, and you are arguing commitment times because 70 people called 20 minutes before you, then you show me how stupid you are.

I went up to get money for Alex, and it turns out the Swanson machines were being replaced by another vendor.  The change machine did not take $20, and then the machine was not taking my $10, however, the nice men there changed me out for the $10 in the first place and cashed out a $5 for me also.  Already this was looking to be the start of a great friendship.  Afterwards I ended up moving Alex.

What little time I did have to doing anything, I spent on looking for better things for Dr Lungae.  The more productive he is, the more productive I am, and productivity is exactly what I am looking for. 

Jen got me BK for lunch, and we played tripYzee.  I was holding the phone while she was rolling.  My final roll, I just required like one or two 1’s to win the game, and in three rolls I did not roll a single 1.  I blame Jen for this.  hEhEhE!!  Okay, not really, however, it is fun to say since she was making the rolls that it was her fault.  It turned out later, that in me holding the phone, everyone who saw (two Qwest) thought that I was just playing games while she watched.  It is interested how into attempting to observe such a thing that I would get such comments.

So, I finally get to leave shortly after 2100, and how nice a change is that.  Jen was not ready, however, and it bothers me just a little because she does not seem to ever be ready.  I know if the shoe was on the other foot, that I would have heard about it, and I have commented before about it being nice if she would be ready for me when I got home.  So, I waited a little while, and we took off for BJ.

As I was writing and the like at BJ, I had already decided that my previous entry was going to be a Madd-only post.  It was ironic, in a sense, that one of the first things noted to me by Jen was how she was “looking forward” to the actual post.  It turned out I wrote a lot more than I had originally expected, however the tone was much different, as you and I know.

Besides that, I was also playing FFXI.  The DJ dude came up and asked me what it was, and we had a fun little chat about how his wife hates them, since he use to have his newborn on his lap while he played, and the newborn was just mesmerized by it.  The urge to resist making a comment to Jen about that totally failed, hAhAHA!!

So this was definitely a great day.  A thing to note is that another thing I was able to do during the busy work time was read a little of what Jen sent in an email.  She feels bad, and I believe some of this is due to how she behaves, and she knows, down inside (if not on the surface also), that some of what she does is well out of line, and since she loves me so much, that makes her feel bad.  So she was a bit down about that.  Her spirits were otherwise up as far as I could see while around her.  In fact, today’s title is brought to you by the joke she said, that at some point, when talking to my kid for some reason, I am going to say, “Dude, I So Fucked Your Mother”.  hEhEhE!!  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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