January 2nd, 2007


Telepathic Toilet Stopper

Madd's Log, Maddate 070101.17:
-New Years: observed (just not by Dick Clark)
-final party leaves
-not ready for bed
-slept: emotional Jen outburst
-poop: toilet killer
-Aeon: torrent research \ picture upload failure
-echat dITZ: money arrangements (or lack of)
-Ryan’s: w/ Jen/O
-Best Buy: buy Firefly \ no House despite telepathic abilities
-stop by JAMAH
-over to Jen’s parents: pictures, presents, and printer repair
-return JAMAH
-TV cable hookup
-Jen/O fight: my life stopping if I do not get my games in by the stroke of midnight
-FFXI/pc: xb live issues
-Wii Sports/wi

So, as I looked at my watch, and the crap, and that is exactly what was, showing on TV, I realized that it was already the New Year, and we were not being informed.  I would say, we missed it by about a minute, however, I yelled out a countdown anyway, and we enjoyed the new year.

Then, we went on to playing Bomberman, and doing other various events.  Jen was passing out on the couch, and I would end up passing out as well.  The next thing I knew, two humans, Dusty and Will, were chatting about things and playing on the Wii.  Luckily for them, they did not check out the photo channel ;)  So after they left, Jen and I went to bed.  Jen was tired and crabby, and because I was still about passed out from earlier, she got upset and left because I was not cuddling with her.  This is definitely not the way I wanted to start off the new year.

Well, after sleeping, I got up, and filled the toilet up with enough goodness that Jen could tell by the time she hit the stairs.  Yeah, I was the one that had to sit there the entire time.  When I went downstairs, Jen seemed to be sorry for the way she had behaved, and we were doing better.

While getting ready for the day, I played around on the website in attempts to get pictures up from New Years.  Yes, JOHD, I am being proactive just as I aid I wanted.  Well, I ran into a problem, where when I attempted to batch upload, it would not process.  It looked as if the pictures were not being recognized, so I am not sure what the problem is.  I also looked into finding me some soundtracks to upload.  Torrents are our friend, just ask the RIAA.

Before heading out to eat, I had a chance to talk to dITZ regarding her payments.  At some point there was talk about skipping the year and just adding more money to her account.  This is something that has gone by a few times now, and it is starting to bother me.  While the actual tab is larger than anyone else because extra was just added on (similar to finance charges), the actual amount of money that has left due to borrowing is high.  It feels as if this cycle will just keep happening.

So, Jen and I went to Ryan’s to eat.  She wondered, yet again, where I put all the food.  Oddly enough, I eat less than I use to.  The food was good, especially that chili and those boneless wings they had.  I could have eaten those until I exploded, only I did not want to feel that way.  After that, I told Jen I wanted to go to Best Buy to pick something up.  She asked if I could read her mind, since she was thinking the same thing.  So we went to Best Buy, I looked around a little, and Jen told me a thing she was going to get me was not there.  I wanted to use my reward card, and they had a bunch of box sets at crazy reduced prices, however, they did not have House, so I ended up getting Firefly.  I so enjoy Serenity, and I wanted to see the original series.  With Jen stating she wanted to get me something yet it was not there and she did not want to get me an upgraded version, I figured that she was talking about House.  As we left, it did turn out I was correct.

So we went to our place to pick up the gifts for her parents, and headed to her parents place.  You know, I still believe her parents love me more than her, hehe!  Her dad was having printing problems, of which I was able to fix thanks to my absolutely ingenious computer nature.  The two were going through pictures, and they have more pictures than Melissa!  They both enjoyed their gifts, and felt we did not have to get them anything.  Well, as Jen noted, babysitting duty is going to be wanted.

So after some time there, we returned home, and I got into hooking Zeus, Thor, and the electronic energy drainers together.  Harold and Kumar were in the background, providing me with testing.  That movie does not ever get old for me, hEhEhE!!  So after a little bit of work, and rearrangement of a lot of wires, I was able to get the component working for both the Wii and 360!  This meant that I could have the ps2 in at the same time without swapping, also.

So Jen wanted to play Lumines as I wrote to you.  I encountered a few problems here and there that delayed me in getting done what I all wanted to do.  I was rushed for time in a way that was just not fair to me.  I mean, things seemed to go wrong left and right.  Jen was... getting crabby.  She was upset that I had asked to stop her game so I could take care of it before midnight.

Well, really the only thing that kept this day from being 8 would have been interaction with Jen.  If I had up and taken the controller from her, that would have been one thing.  If these were all her games, it would have been another.  It is a bitch that Lumines does not have a save feature one it, however, it does not.  My angered irritation at her is something that really gets me to thinking things, about the situation that I have gotten myself in to.  Of course, I was too busy attempting to fight the clock as opposed to her in this case.  Master of Maddness, signing off......

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